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With the continuous maturity of the production and circulation links in the wooden door industry, it is no longer necessary to find carpenters to make on-site decoration of houses, but to directly purchase finished wooden doors in home stores. Next, Jingli wooden door will check for you. Jingli wooden door will check the classification of wooden doors for you

in the current home decoration market, with the continuous maturity of the production and circulation links of the wooden door industry, now the decorated house does not need to find a carpenter to make it on site, but directly choose finished wooden doors in the home store. Next, Jingli wooden door will check the classification of wooden doors for you

I. according to the purpose

wooden doors can be divided into household doors, bedroom doors, study doors, kitchen doors, bathroom doors, etc. according to different purposes, there are different requirements for specifications, styles and performance. The door is the first to enter and exit. Due to the entry and exit of large items, it is required to have larger specifications and sizes. The general opening size is 1000mm to 1200mm, and the width of the door is about 920mm. Large doors use child and mother door leaves (3:7 ratio). Considering the safety of entry and exit and the traditional Tibetan habits of the building, glass doors are generally not used except for special requirements

bedroom doors emphasize privacy, so most of them use panel doors. The size of the opening is 900mm, which is smaller than the door, and the door leaf is about 820mm. The study door can be light transparent, full glass door or half glass door, as well as art glass such as frosted, cloth pattern, color bar, and electrolithography. The specification is the same as that of the bedroom door

the kitchen door can be viewed through or half through. The door opening is slightly smaller than the bedroom and study door, generally 750mm to 800mm, and the door leaf specification is generally 670mm to 720mm. The bathroom door can only be transparent, and should be equipped with double-sided grinding or dark fog glass. The size of bathroom door is the same as that of kitchen

second, according to the materials, the high-end wooden doors are made of precious wood, which shows the luxurious style of the room and the cultural cultivation of the owner. Such as sour twig, shadow wood, walnut, cherry wood, Shabili, maple, oak, teak, etc. Generally, one tree species is used in a set of rooms, and there are no special requirements. Multiple tree species are not used disorderly

III. according to the door type and process, wood doors are divided into full glass doors, half glass doors, plate doors, core plate doors, etc. The full glass door has only four sides and docks, and the other large areas are made of glass; The half glass door is made of glass in the upper half and plate in the lower half, with proper transparency; The whole body of the panel door is closed, which is mostly used for household doors and bedroom doors, and it is the main variety of doors; The core board door is equipped with one or more core boards in the middle of the door, which is convex and has strong three-dimensional artistry. It is one of the forms of traditional doors




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