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The decoration design of 50 square meter small house type is what many Wuhan owners expect. Such a house type is better designed as one room and one living room. Today, I want to share with you the warm new house decorated by the post-80s newlyweds. The layout is simple, the decoration is very practical, and the storage effect is also very good. Next, Xiaobian will enjoy the decoration design of a 50 square meter small apartment with one room and one living room with everyone

design a simple small bar at home, and have more sitting posture for breakfast and watching TV

the wine cabinet is messy, but they are all items of commemorative significance to themselves. Although the cabin has just moved in, it has actually lived with my husband for 6 years in the small house he rented before, so many meaningful things in the family were reluctant to throw away and bring them here in the past The crayon paintings in the frame were painted by my husband at the beginning of love in 2004

in the sofa area of the living room, Da Ai's sofa has a thick backrest and wide armrests. Although the living room is large, it is still unwilling to sacrifice the comfort of the sofa. Although many simple sofas outside have a full sense of shape, they always feel uncomfortable when sitting on it, so there is a "Da" it in my small living room, Da Ai, Da Ai

the living room is not wide enough. After having a big sofa, my family can't accommodate the tea table of Kang family, so I ordered this one now. It's the same beautiful, and the price is also preferential On the ground is the zebra carpet I bought from textile

turn around and look at the living room

the wallpaper of the TV background wall was dug out by my husband and I from countless pieces, and the effect did not disappoint us

there is a rare big kitchen in my husband's room. I made a circle of U-shaped kitchen cabinets. First, let's have a panoramic view

our dual-purpose cup, we are a couple who love life

home is always warm The ceiling lamp in the living room, which was not photographed in the previous photos, now give it a shot

go into our bathroom and have a look. First of all, I want to say that my mini bathroom is only four square meters, but it has all the functions. Let's see This is a large three door mirror cabinet in the bathroom, which is bright and practical. Observe the details. My husband and I carefully selected everything for this family. It may not be the most perfect, but in our hearts, they are the best

does Lejia's classic bowl and basin complement his family's anti-aircraft gun faucet? The round towel ring next to it is also the product of our comparison in many hardware brands. It is hung with our usual hand towel

now go into a little more and have a look at the toilet position and my shower room

finally, take a look at the sewage bucket that I hid behind the toilet door. My bathroom has all the functions it should have. See if there is anything special about this faucet. It will change

the above is the decoration design of the user's 50 square meter small house. The layout is very simple, very stable style, fashionable and interesting. For more small house decoration design, please pay attention to Wuhan home decoration network to see the decoration effect picture channel( )!




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