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"Our wood is pure solid wood" and "the ceiling is 6cm thick". Many consumers believe the promise of the business

"our wood is pure solid wood" and "the ceiling is 6cm thick". Many consumers believe in the promises of merchants. But when investigating the building materials market in Quanzhou yesterday, after careful questioning, the guilty merchants hurriedly changed their mouths. Industry insiders revealed that at present, most of the 6cm aluminum gusset ceiling on the market did not reach such a thickness; Many of the pure solid wood doors called by merchants are composite solid wood doors, that is, solid wood is combined with other materials


the boss doesn't understand the wood seed of the door

"there are so many patterns of wood that I can't even figure out which door is which kind of wood seed." Yesterday, in a secret visit to a wooden door store in Huxin street, the boss said. Look at the wooden door package outside the door of this wooden door store. There is no name of tree species. Since I can't figure it out, it's hard to say whether I'm wrong or not

in another wooden store on Huxin street, the boss said that they have American oak, red sandalwood and other varieties, with a price of more than 3000 yuan. Is it solid wood? Miss sales promotion said that it is absolutely solid wood, without cracking and deformation. Before leaving, the sales promotion lady also gave a brochure. A closer look revealed that the so-called American oak, red pear wood and teak were all veneers of wooden doors. No wonder they looked so lifelike

after looking at the wooden door, I looked at the ceiling by the way. There are many kinds of "wire drawing board, film coated board and anodized board", which are "acid resistant, alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, easy to scrub... Much stronger than ordinary plywood." After listening to the salesperson's introduction, there are still many benefits. Asked about the price, the price of these aluminum gusset plates ranges from 100 yuan to 300 yuan per square meter. "How many centimeters?" Asked. The salesperson said that they were all 6cm. "Must it be 6cm?" At this time, the promoter said, "in fact, aluminum gusset plates are used on roofs. Even if the thickness of aluminum is a little different, there will be no problem; besides, our aluminum materials are imported from abroad, and the quality must be guaranteed."

then, I visited many shops selling wooden doors and suspended ceilings in B & Q and Huxin street, and there were many similar situations. Yesterday, boss Wang of an aluminum alloy and stainless steel processing shop in Dongmei revealed that after several years of processing business, he felt that the handle of these aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials was getting worse and worse, and the hardness was obviously insufficient during processing. Now many metal building materials are less and less used in the processing of raw materials

expose the dark

greasy 1: shoddy

now there are many irresponsible ceilings that choose to be processed outside, or use low-quality aluminum materials, such as recycled aluminum, at first glance, it can't be seen at all. In addition, the sellers of aluminum gusset ceiling publicize that their aluminum gusset plate is 6cm, but in fact, it has not been achieved, and the material has not been achieved, so consumers naturally spend a lot of money wrongly

tips: ceiling composition: gusset plate cost, angle line, keel, suspender/suspender screw, installation cost, etc. On the package, only a layer of film is pasted simply, without any brand logo. Usually, in order to save costs, the products produced by the OEM factory are pasted with white film, so that they can pretend to be goods of any brand. Brand manufacturers put the brand steel seal on the corner line and the back of the keel, which requires large-scale machine production, while the side corner line of the label is simply stamped with the red stamp of a manufacturer. The high-quality film is not easy to change color, and the low-quality film is easy to reflect and turn yellow in the sun. To identify the thickness of the ceiling, consumers can ask the store or bring their own measuring tools to measure the gusset plate they want to buy

greasy 2: Wood passes the fake for the real

yesterday, Mr. Wu, a senior person of a decoration supervision company in Quanzhou, revealed the possible greasy in the sales process of suspended ceilings and wooden doors

the position of the wooden door close to the installation of the door lock is the original wood, while the other parts are made of composite solid wood. Such a situation is not uncommon in Quanzhou. Because the installation of the door lock requires digging holes, consumers or installers can see the material of the wooden door. In this way, it can be concealed and concealed

trick: the pure solid wood door is painted with a layer of light paint on the surface. Looking carefully at both sides of the wood door, you can see that the wood grain is consistent, but the position of the wood grain is different (if the wood grain on both sides is inconsistent, it is a composite solid wood door). Composite solid wood is made of solid wood as the inner core and pasted with wood skin or stickers, with stitching marks on the appearance. The price of native wood is much higher than that of composite solid wood





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