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What problems should we pay attention to in the decoration of rough houses may be the most concerned topic of new house owners. Today, let me share with you four super practical decoration experience.

what problems should we pay attention to in the decoration of rough houses may be the most concerned topic of new house owners. Today, let me share with you four super practical decoration experience! 1、 Design fee and tracking fee when participating in the event, the decoration companies all focused on the free or halved design fee. They were excited to feel that they had saved a lot of money, but when signing the contract, they knew that the design fee was exempted, but the tracking fee that had not been mentioned at the event site emerged. According to the level of the designer, the unit price of the tracking fee is also different, and the most important thing is that less than 80 Ping is calculated as 80 ping! Small family can't afford to hurt! Thousands more. 2、 When talking about the contract about the cost of plastering, it was said that the tiles were bought by themselves, and the decoration company would arrange the plastering, and the labor was counted as theirs, didn't it sound beautiful? But, we bought the bricks back, and the Mason came to the friendly reminder to find that the half bag only contains the ordinary paving fee of the mason. What does it mean? The original paving fee only included the paving of tiles with a single side within 27.5-80cm. For tiles from 13cm to 27.5cm, there would be an additional paving fee of more than 80 per flat! The extra cost of less than 13cm is more, more than 100 points per square meter, as well as inclined shops and I-shaped shops, which have to be calculated separately, about more than 40 yuan per square meter! Looking at my pile of wall tiles with antique small bricks, I was silently sad. The paving fee for laying small bricks on one side will be increased by more than 100%, pro, my tiles are only about 200 a flat! In addition, the tiling fee does not include caulking agent! Pro, you are responsible for sticking the good tiles. This doesn't count, and that doesn't count. The labor cost I paid is worthless! So you must pay attention to the actual settlement part in the contract. These are the expenses that may be incurred in the later stage. Before buying ceramic tiles, you should also look at them. Now antique bricks are more popular, but these paving fees really have to be included in the budget. Now you have a little regret! 3、 Woodworking material upgrade when participating in the activity, the leaflet of the decoration company was very beautiful. The woodworking board was upgraded from E1 to E0 for free. Doesn't it sound very beautiful? When signing the contract, we carefully asked the designer to write all these, and he also wrote them readily. Now the woodworking materials are arranged to enter the site. The project manager asked, do you want to upgrade all your boards to E0? God horse situation, not to say that good plates are upgraded, is there any difference? It turns out that Tucson really broke the design! The project manager said that there are woodworking boards and ecological boards. Do you estimate that only woodworking boards are upgraded? Ah? There are two more? Keng dad, when I opened the contract, it was really written that the woodworking board was upgraded from E1 to E0 for free, but no one told me at that time that the woodworking board originally did not refer to all boards, and the most depressing thing was that when I opened the budget table, only the card seat was used in our woodworking board, and the cabinets of the wardrobe in the master bedroom and the wardrobe in the second bedroom, and the cabinets of the shoe cabinet were all ecological boards! Originally, the ecological board is the big head. What can we do at this time? If you don't upgrade, worry about environmental protection. If you upgrade, you can only feel deeply that you have been cheated! So, especially when you participate in the event, you must not be confused by the publicity of the merchants. Ask carefully what boards will be used, what will be upgraded, and how much extra fees will be returned if you upgrade yourself! In addition, the cabinet doors of carpenters are not included! I have to buy it all by myself. I can't help feeling what the half bag contains. So much is for my own money! 4、 The promotion of latex paint upgrading and job compensation activities is paint upgrading, which is upgraded from Dulux ordinary to gold five in one, but a closer look will show that only wall paint upgrading, wood paint is not available! What's not mentioned at all is that the materials and labor of the wall paint in the half bag only include the white wall surface. If you want to change to paint in other colors, sorry, please add another money. The MF is 8.8 yuan/square meter. Although the unit price is not expensive, if it's a large area, comrades should pay attention to it. It's thousands more. These early designers haven't said anything at all! Editor's summary: after reading these, dear, have you been dumbfounded? There are too many decoration traps to enumerate. In a word: don't listen to the merchants' deception. You have to learn more about dry goods for emergencies. Try to buy materials from regular brands, and it's better to have a third-party guarantee




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