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In most families, the design and decoration of children's rooms are mostly operated by parents. Under the design arrangement of adults, will children like such rooms

children's room design has many parental interventions

regardless of the size of the house, families with children will prepare children's space for their children. This space, which originally belongs to children, is generally designed by parents the final say. Gu Hao, the chief designer of Boloni decoration, told reporters that at present, most parents who can prepare an independent children's room for their children have strong economic strength and are easier to adhere to their own opinions when decorating, so they seldom consider their children's ideas when decorating the children's room

in many children's rooms, girls' rooms are mostly designed in elegant and soft colors such as pink, yellow and light purple, and the matching furniture styles are mostly Pastoral Fantasy types, while boys' rooms are generally in jumping colors such as blue and green. In the designer's view, this choice of color stems from the thinking set of parents, because they think that girls should have a mild temperament, so they should choose soft colors, while boys should be lively and outgoing, so they choose the male color in the adult concept

in fact, children's love for color is not either black or white. Gu Hao believes that girls don't necessarily only like pink and red, some girls with personality will also like gray and brown, and some boys like bright colors such as red, but in the eyes of parents, most of them can't accept the combination of "red and blue". Therefore, with the intervention of parents, the children's room is often full of adult flavor. Even if it looks childlike, children are likely not to like it





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