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Investment invitation for the steam water and non steam water filling line project in Amur state

1. project unit: open joint stock company of milk powder factory, general manager: manishina Tatyana Anatolyevna

2. company address: No. 6, Gagarin street, poyarkovo Town, Amur state (416-37) 4-18-02

3. project outline: production of steam water and no steam water. The project plans to purchase steam water filling equipment. There are certified drinking water wells on the plant land. The implementation of the project can meet the needs of consumers in this area for non-alcoholic beverages

investment budget:

4. total project investment: 43000 US dollars (1.3 million rubles)

5. investment to be introduced: 43000 US dollars (1.3 million rubles)

6. project implementation period: 1 year

7. investment payback period: 1 year

8. cooperation mode: loan

currently being applied for patent 9. project implementation guarantee: guaranteed by place and equipment

10. project progress and special clip extensometer are one of the most commonly used instruments in fracture mechanics experiments. Conditions: investment scheme, with industrial plant

(information source: window of business of Mudanjiang forestry administration window of local business)

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