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Invitation letter for "Controx2000" Hubei Regional Seminar

dear user:


Beijing huafuhuitong Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development of industrial control software with independent intellectual property rights. The "controx 2000 general monitoring system supports software security unknowns" has reached the technical level of similar foreign monitoring software with high reliability. It adopts international industrial software standards, supports multiple operating systems and embedded platforms, and is widely used in important national industries and national defense fields. At the same time, the provision of soft logic components, web functions and OPC development tools has greatly expanded the application field of the software. At present, it is used by key customers in various industries such as electric power, chemical industry, machinery and manufacturing. At the same time, the company has done a lot of basic research on the national defense of China's industrial software. As a permanent member of OPC China branch, Beijing huafuhuitong Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to promote the internationalization of China's industrial software

in order to better promote our software products in Hubei, let more Hubei users know our products, and with the continuous introduction of new functional components, Beijing Huafu Huitong Technology Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Sanlong Electric Co., Ltd. jointly held a seminar in Wuhan on February 24, 2004 (afternoon: 13:00-17:30). In addition to introducing the new functional components (OPC, webserver and softlogic) of conrox 2000 to local customers, this seminar is more important to explain how conrox 2000 can help enterprises solve the experimental function problem of realizing a variety of two-way stress state combinations, improve their competitiveness and reduce costs

we sincerely invite new and old colleagues from all walks of life to look forward to the market prospect and share unlimited business opportunities with us

in order to thank you for your presence, we have specially prepared a high-quality gift for you

meeting time: the price of recycled waste plastics in 2004 is much cheaper than the rising price of plastic raw materials in recent years. February 24, 2004 (13:00-17:30 p.m.)

meeting place: Wuhan Science and Technology Exhibition Center (No. 556, Luoyu Road, Wuchang, bus No. 583, 593, 518, 596, 540, 702, 536, 510, 521, 591, 728, Wujiawan station)

contact: miss huafuhui Tongwu tel:fax:

Wuhan Sanlong Electric Co., Ltd. husihui tel:fax:

to reserve seats and information for you, please fill in the receipt and fax it to our company before February 20, 2004


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