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Inveterate will surpass Siemens and ABB in the field of frequency converters. There are more than 140 brands in the domestic frequency converter market, but more than 76% of the market share is dominated by foreign brands, led by Siemens and abb. This is the basic pattern of inveterate's industry. In the past three years, the domestic brand of polymer manual hydraulic testing machine, which is made up of the past polyaryletherketone (Paek), a kind of phenylene ring connected by ether bond and carbonyl, has dominated the medium and low voltage inverter market in the world, ranking first; In the first half of 2010, the operating income was RMB 210million, a year-on-year increase of 67.48%

Problem No.

1: the progress of the project that the software can be connected to notebooks and the project that 1200 medium voltage inverters will be added annually

at present, the construction of production capacity has come to an end. According to the current production and marketing situation, the two projects can reach production capacity in the next year

Huang Shenli, chairman of inveterate, told the financial weekly that at present, the production and sales of various products of the company are booming, and the two projects can reach full production within January 19, so our growth will still be relatively fast

Huang Shenli said that the potential market of China's high, medium and low voltage frequency converters is about 300billion yuan, including 120billion yuan for high voltage and 180billion yuan for medium and low voltage. In addition to the short-term scale of supporting and transformation, there will be 40billion-50billion yuan of market space every year in the future. If inveterate can account for 10%-15% of the share, it will be the output value of 4billion-6billion

he said that according to the plan, in the next 10 years, while developing the current electric drive (frequency converter) business, the company will vigorously expand industrial automation (including servo drives and related products) and new energy electrical control solutions (including electric vehicle converters, wind power inverter and other products), and will not dominate as now. It is hoped that the two new businesses will account for more than half of the company as a whole

no. 2: the industry leaders Siemens and ABB have more than 2billion yuan in China. Can inveterate surpass them

in the future, the layout will mainly focus on electrical transmission, new energy electrical solutions and industrial automation. If the three pieces are successfully completed, it is possible to surpass Siemens and abb

Huang Shenli admits that he hopes to build the company into an industrial group with a scale of over 10 billion yuan in the future. It is difficult to rely on frequency converters alone, but the core electronic and electrical technology and electronic control technology of the business have a very wide range of applications. Recently, I have been busy with industrial layout. In the future, I will mainly focus on electrical transmission, new energy electrical solutions and industrial automation, which is also the company's development strategy. If all three businesses are carried out, the output value of 10 billion yuan should be reached

at present, inverton's electric drive is the main source of income. In the first half of the year, inverter manufacturing accounted for 98% of the main business income. In Huang Shenli's view, industrial automation has great potential for development, and there is more room for electrical control solutions in the field of new energy. In the future, new energy and energy-saving technologies will change people's living habits. A very important part of new energy and energy-saving technologies is electronic and electrical technology

3: IGBT, the core component of frequency converter, is imported. Why should it compete with foreign giants such as Siemens and abb that dominate the domestic market

our advantage lies in product innovation and speed. In the segmented industries, we can launch more customized products that meet the personalized needs of enterprises faster

Huang Shenli said that inverton has more than 20 patents and a large number of non patented technologies that have not applied for patents. It is an enterprise with core technologies. Although core components of frequency converters such as IGBT rely on imports, IGBT module products are mature, the market competition is very full, and there is no risk of relying on individual suppliers. In addition, domestic enterprises in this field have developed rapidly, and a small part of inveterate's products have adopted domestic devices

talking about the core competitiveness, he said that the gap between products in technology is getting closer and closer. We have local cultural advantages and have a better understanding of the needs of enterprises. Our advantage lies in product innovation and speed, and in segmented industries, we can launch customized products that meet the personalized needs of enterprises faster. We also hope to achieve the best cost performance and create value for customers. Therefore, we are confident to surpass Siemens and ABB in the domestic market in the coming years

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