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Invitation letter of Jiangxi technology exchange conference in Jena, Germany

2010 frontier analysis and application technology exchange conference in Jena, Germany Nanchang Station

invitation letter

dear madam/sir, Hello

Nanchang Station, the new round of 2010 application technology exchange conference held by Jena analytical instruments Co., Ltd., Germany, will be held at the conference room on the second floor of building 3, Ganjiang Hotel, Jiangxi at 8:30 a.m. on March 30, 2010 (Tuesday). We hereby invite you and your relevant technical personnel to attend

Jena analytical instruments AG is one of the largest analytical instrument manufacturers in Germany. It has a history of more than 150 years in the field of optical manufacturing and has a long tradition in developing high-quality precision instruments and inventions. Formerly known as the analytical instrument department of Carl Zeiss. The company is headquartered in Jena, Germany, the world optical precision instrument manufacturing center. At present, it has branches in more than 80 countries around the world. Taking "quality makes extraordinary, innovation makes dreams" as the enterprise creed, the company's purpose is to constantly innovate and pursue vitality, and always maintain the leading technical level

with more and more strict requirements for environmental pollution and quality and safety issues in various fields at home and abroad, the challenges are becoming increasingly severe. Especially in the fields of food, health, environment and quality control system, the higher requirements for chemical analysis objectively promote the research and improvement of instrument performance and analysis methods. Jena company will introduce the latest technology development trends in this field and explain in detail the cutting-edge analytical application technologies in the fields of heavy metal analysis and detection and comprehensive environmental analysis

2010 coincides with the 20th anniversary of the founding of Jena analytical instruments Co., Ltd. and the 10th anniversary of its listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. If the spring is unqualified, it will have a great impact. Jena, Germany, has carried out a wide range of colorful commemorative activities around the world. Thank you for your long-term trust and support for the German Jena brand. We will continue to give back to our more than 200000 users worldwide with exquisite German technology, excellent product quality and all-round considerate service

at this technical exchange meeting, all guests will be invited to participate in our "race against time, pursuit of precision and accuracy – 2010 world famous watch lottery". Each guest will have the opportunity to participate in the first round of on-site lottery (on-site Award), and automatically enter the second round of Global lottery, and have the opportunity to win the famous German brand m ü hle glash ü ttegermanika I watch. The results of the second round of awards will be announced regularly at the official lottery station in Jena, Germany. For details, please refer to:


time topic speaker

8:30 - universal material testing machine identification and testing method 8:50 sign in Receive technical data

8:50--9:30 deliver a welcome speech

introduction to Jena Ag

Mr. panxiaojin

9:30--10:50 innovation of mature technology

-- Introduction to innovative atomic absorption technology and the latest application

(the latest application of continuous light source atomic absorption and solid direct injection analysis) Jena, Germany

Ms. wangsuping

10:50--11:00 tea break

11:00--12:00 UV visible product upgrade specord plus

– introduction to a full set of analysis solutions close to user needs Jena, Germany

Ms. song Chunming

12:00--12:10 lottery game (third prize extraction)

12:10--13:30 lunch

13:30---14:30 prospective comprehensive environmental index analysis

--- total organic carbon/total nitrogen (toc/tn) and total organic halogen (AOX) analysis technology Jena company, Germany Ms. zhanghairong overview of the latest series of products of Jena life science, Germany, Lottery game (second prize extraction)

15:30--16:10 introduction to a full set of solutions for the pharmaceutical industry - pure water ultra low TOC analysis technology, etc. Jena company, Germany

Ms. Zhang Hairong

16:10--17:00 top sample digestion technology - topwave microwave digestion series products and applications for details, Jena company, Germany

Ms. songchunming

17:00--17:30 user questions and exchanges on site, Lottery game (first prize extraction)

host: Jena analytical instruments Co., Ltd.

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contact: panxiaojin, email: n@

place of meeting: Jiangxi Ganjiang Hotel (directly opposite the long-distance bus station)

address: 138 Bayi Avenue, Nanchang City, opposite the long-distance bus station

transportation: take bus No. 16204, 2602, 10, 2, 11, 10, 9 in the city to the Party School Station of the provincial Party committee

to ensure the smooth progress of the conference organization, please help fill in the following receipt and notify us by fax//mail as soon as possible. You can also contact us directly or by email to learn more about the long utilization time of such instruments or to inform the participants. Thank you for your support! Warmly welcome you to join us




number of participants:

name and title contact (landline or) email

contact information:

Germany Jena analytical instrument unit is the Shanghai Office of the company on the basis of different fixtures

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contact person: kongxiaoli, ng@

panxiaojin, email: n@

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