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Investment invitation for Du'an County gauze paper production project in Guangxi 1. Project name: Du'an County gauze paper production project 2. Construction scale and content: the project covers an area of 30 mu, mainly building plants and supporting facilities

III. Project nature: new construction

IV. construction conditions and market analysis:

Du'an County and its surrounding counties (cities) belong to Dashi mountain area, which is rich in raw materials for the production of gauze paper, such as Broussonetia papyrifera bark and gauze bark. The raw material freight is low. In addition, our County has convenient transportation and easy outward transportation. It is an ideal place to build a gauze paper factory. According to different types, the collection of data results is much worse than the microcomputer controlled type. Gauze paper is widely used in bank special banknote binding, special food, tea, medicinal materials, ginseng antler packaging, fireworks and firecracker leads, crafts, calligraphy and painting, books, lanterns, umbrella industry, lampshades, paper fans, moisture-proof and insect proof, glass crafts, gift box packaging, tomb sweeping Buddhist and Taoist sacrificial paper (such as yellow watch paper, paper money, fan paper), wallpapers Paper for wiping machinery and equipment and other industries can also be used as raw materials for the production of high-grade fabrics. The international market is in short supply

v. project investment: 5million yuan

VI. economic benefits: at present, the market price of gauze paper is 19000 yuan/ton. After the project is put into operation, the annual output value will be 10million yuan, and the profit will be 1million yuan. Then, the damage load value and the main technical parameters of the fracture position at the lower edge of the specimen will be recorded. The maximum load: accuracy level: Level 1. Force measuring range: the main structure of the digital bending and compression resistance testing machine is mainly composed of support, hydraulic arrangement box, instrument force measuring display Components of electrical system

VII. Mode of cooperation: sole proprietorship

VIII. Undertaker: Du, especially the Investment Promotion Bureau of an Yao Autonomous County for corrosion and wear

Undertaker: liangwenfeng

Tel.: 0778 -

zip code: 530700

source: Xinhua

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