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Investment strategy of the machinery industry in 2016: opportunities and challenges

in 2016, the overall operation of the traditional manufacturing industry was under great pressure, the demand side investment was in a downward trend, and some sub industries may have bottomed out, but the profit was not flexible. The process of de stocking and de capacity at the supply side is relatively slow. At the same time, the enterprises undergoing industrial upgrading, M & A and reorganization have generally entered the performance verification period. It is relatively difficult to integrate the manufacturing industry, and they are also facing the pressure of sluggish total social demand. We believe that it is difficult to substantially exceed expectations. 2016 is a challenging year

2016 is also full of investment opportunities. The East is not bright and the west is bright. We are optimistic about industry 4.0, 3D printing, general aviation and highway maintenance equipment whose industry life cycle is in the outbreak period or early outbreak period; We are optimistic about the railway equipment, cold chain and other sub industries where the demand is still in the boom stage or the boom is expected to continue to improve

2016 is a crucial year for China's reform and major strategies. The reform of state-owned enterprises, the reform of the military and the continuous promotion of the "one road and one belt" strategy have had a lasting and far-reaching impact on the industry. We believe that the military industry is one of the sectors that most benefit from the national strategy, and we strongly recommend continuous attention

2. Investment logic of subdivided industries: optimistic about rail transit, industry 4.0, 3D printing, highway maintenance and other industries

rail transit: performance elasticity moves to the back end of the industrial chain. After rail transit, transparent silica gel will be deposited in droplets in the market and vehicle purchase, becoming the two areas with the most performance elasticity in 2016

industry 4.0: the gale mouth of China's manufacturing industry in the next 10 years. The process of China's transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power is the gradual upgrading of automation equipment and the co-existence of the four plates. The core targets of the relevant industrial chain are expected to continue to benefit, especially in the subdivided fields such as smart factories and service robots. We believe that 3C, medicine and other fields with rapid growth of downstream demand are more flexible

3d printing: 3D printing will subvert the traditional manufacturing industry. In the past 26 years, the CAGR of the industry has been as high as 30%. China is in the early stage of development, and the industry welcomes growth opportunities. We are more optimistic about the investment opportunities of related companies that can effectively enter the aerospace, military, pharmaceutical and other industries

cold chain logistics: the industry cycle is booming, and e-commerce drives the structural growth of demand for refrigeration equipment

highway maintenance: therefore, China has naturally become the focus of attention. The renewable maintenance equipment market is currently in the transitional stage from the technology introduction period to the growth period. Generally, the force measuring sensors for maintenance services in China are pressure sensors (pressure sensors are basically used for large tonnage). The annual market demand reaches billion yuan

3. Functional recommendation combination of push zigzag experimental machine: Senyuan Co., Ltd., Daling Co., Ltd., Huanghe whirlwind, Yonggui electric appliance, huibopu

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