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2011 Jung Technological Innovation Award - invitation letter for the participation of the coating industry

2011 Jung Technological Innovation Award - invitation letter for the participation of the coating industry

March 17, 2011

[China coating information] the "Jung Technological Innovation Award" was sponsored by the leading industrial information media Jung industrial media. The event aims to encourage more enterprises to invest in technological innovation to improve productivity and Economic benefits, provide greater convenience to users, follow the concept of green environmental protection, etc. Since its launch in 2006, the "Jung Technological Innovation Award" has been widely concerned and actively participated in by the industry for its professionalism, authority and foresight. After promotion in the fields of coatings, metal processing, plastics, food and beverage, packaging, personal care products and cosmetics, its influence has been expanding

based on the successful experience of the past few years, the selection of "2011 Jung Technological Innovation Award - coating industry" was officially launched in February this year to solicit annual innovative products or technologies from the industry in an open manner

the selection of this innovation award will cover five categories: resin, solvent, pigment, additives and equipment. We will invite the authoritative industry association in China and the sponsor: Jung industrial media Co., Ltd.

host media: Coatings and inks - Chinese version, metal surface finishing - Chinese version, international automobile design and manufacturing, international packaging business information (I) why to participate in the selection:

1 The Jung Technological Innovation Award for coating industry, as one of the Jung technological innovation award series activities, is one of the most influential and authoritative awards in China's industry at present. The selection process is open, fair and objective

2. Through the Jung omni-directional media platform (Jung coating industry and trade magazine, Jung industrial resources - Innovation Award official station, e-mail, mobile media) and other industry media, you will get an excellent free promotion opportunity for your target customers and industry people; (Chinese paint)

3 It is an effective way to expand the market network by directly contacting industry experts, top enterprise decision makers and target buyers with high purchasing power through a wide range of Award activities

4. The award ceremony will be held at the same time as the "8th China coating summit" to bring together more decision makers and scientific researchers from industry-leading enterprises and effectively enhance the brand awareness of award-winning enterprises

(II) registration method:

1 Please log in to the "technological innovation award" channel to fill in and submit the application form

2. Please call Miss Zhou to analyze and obtain the application form

(III) selection process:

1 The first stage: from February 1 to April 2, the application for innovation awards and the nomination of

selection activities solicit applications from the industry in an open form, and excellent enterprises with innovative technologies and products can participate free of charge; At the same time, the jury will also recommend some lists

2. The second stage: from April 2 to April 15, users, public voting and expert selection

the public can log in to the official station of Jung industrial resources innovation award to vote on the shortlist; The jury will also develop different protection and maintenance schemes for the shortlist. It is necessary to discuss for 10 times, and review the final winning list with reference to the network voting opinions

3. Stage III: on June 14, the selection results of the award ceremony will be published and reported in detail in the June issue of coatings and inks - China Edition, and a grand award ceremony will be held to invite award-winning enterprises, judges' representatives, readers of Jung magazine and mainstream media of the industry to gather together

(IV) selection category:

1 Resin 2 Solvent 3 Pigment 4 Auxiliary 5 Equipment 6 Although the technology is difficult, other products or technologies

(V) entry conditions:

1 The participants must be innovative products or specific technologies launched in recent years

2. The participants must be suitable for the Chinese market and reach the international leading level, or help the relevant industries in China reach or lead the international advanced level in the same field

3. The participants should greatly promote the development of the industry and be widely cited and promoted in the industry. These promoting effects can be reflected in: improving product quality, safety and performance; Improved profitability; Enhanced compatibility and flexibility, reduced environmental pollution, etc

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