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Investment invitation for packaging paper technological transformation project with an annual output of 100000 tons project name: packaging paper technological transformation project with an annual output of 100000 tons Industry Classification: Light Industry Food region: Botou City project content: on the existing basis, make use of the existing idle land of 10 mu, build a new area of 5000 square meters, add 2 production lines of 5 meters, and add a production capacity of 100000 tons

market analysis: with the gradual improvement of relevant national policies, the national pollution control efforts for small paper mills have been significantly increased, and many small paper mills have been closed. At present, there is an obvious shortage of market demand for packaging paper, especially the high dip and overturn experiments; Bounce test; High strength corrugated paper has become a hot commodity. Because our factory adopts the waste paper recycling process, there is no pollution problem, and + 2 has many years of raw material purchase channels, which can ensure the production demand. According to the above investigation and our business experience, the production of high strength corrugated packaging paper has great market potential and considerable economic benefits

economic benefit analysis: after the project is put into operation, the newly increased production capacity 1. There are spiral stripes on the surface of the reinforcement, so it is called spiral reinforcement 0.0 million tons, with an annual output value of 60million yuan, profits and taxes of 18million yuan, and a payback period of 3 years

project progress:

cooperation scheme: cooperation, joint venture and sole proprietorship

total investment and capital source of the project: it is estimated that the total investment of the project is 50million yuan, the enterprise raised 15million yuan by itself and attracted 35million yuan

construction conditions:

basic information of the project unit: Botou Yuhua Paper Co., Ltd. covers an area of 100000 square meters, has fixed assets of 25million yuan, a construction area of 5000 square meters, has two 3M automatic production lines, an annual production capacity of 30000 tons, an annual output value of 20million yuan, and profits and taxes of 6million yuan. Over the years, it has established long-term cooperative relations with more than 200 enterprises across the country, with 260 employees and 50 technicians

contact: Ren Degang


postal code: 062150

Chuan 5. Adjustment of electromechanical speed:


mailing address: Botou foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, Hebei Province

(initial sub station: Hebei Cangzhou business window)

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