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Agricultural Trade Fair: the packaging of Hainan agricultural products lags behind

the packaging of Hainan agricultural products forms a huge contrast with the exquisite and beautiful packaging of these agricultural products displayed in developed regions

more than 3200 agricultural products gathered all over the country

at the second agricultural fair, which intensively displayed the highest level of China's agriculture today, Hainan's tropical fruits and other agricultural products performed commendably. This fully proves that the unique advantages of tropical climate resources can lay a solid foundation for the development of characteristic agriculture in Hainan

however, we have to admit that there is a certain gap between Hainan's agriculture and developed agricultural provinces and cities. To improve Hainan's agricultural competitiveness, breakthroughs in agricultural industrialization, agricultural science and technology, packaging and other aspects are urgently needed

the degree of industrialization is relatively low

in the planting exhibition area, Hainan Baofeng company showed all kinds of tropical fruits, with more than a dozen varieties of fresh products. Facing the booth of Baofeng company is the products of Yunnan exhibition area. Unlike the few products on the plane display in Hainan, Yunnan is a three-dimensional display, with a wide range of products on its transparent three-dimensional display rack. There are more than 30 different developed products of a vegetable before, during and after delivery

among rice, vegetables, meat, dairy products, alcohol and other products, famous national leading enterprises such as "Shuanghui" and "super large" have appeared one after another. From their grand exhibition hall design, rich series of product furnishings and related introductions, we know that a large number of agricultural leading enterprises with annual turnover of billions or even tens of billions of yuan have emerged

it is understood that Hainan's evaluation criteria for leading agricultural enterprises are different from those of mainland provinces. If measured by the standards of developed provinces and cities, only a few Hainan can be rated as leading enterprises. The strength of agricultural enterprises is not strong, and the driving effect on Farmers' income can also be imagined. In Zhucheng area of Shandong Province alone, there are more than 50 agricultural enterprises above Designated Size, with export earnings of more than US $100million, driving more than 95% of farmers in the city, and radiating farmers in surrounding areas and relevant provinces and cities

walking in the exhibition areas of the exhibition hall, I strongly feel the gap in the level of agricultural industrialization in Hainan. Vice governor Jiang Zelin said that after visiting the whole exhibition area, he really felt a lot of pressure

in the aquatic area, there is an aquatic enterprise in Qionghai. Although the variety and quantity of exhibits appear thin, its cod liver oil products sell well if they are not cleaned in time. The relevant person in charge of the enterprise said that through the hot sale of cod liver oil products, we can see that Hainan is indeed a tropical island with great advantages. Hainan tropical agricultural products have strong vitality as long as they are slightly processed because they can quickly and efficiently produce fine and complex three-dimensional structures

Jiang Zelin said that in the next few years, the forest coverage rate in Hainan will reach 60%, and the per capita cultivated land area of farmers is only more than 1 mu. It is unrealistic for Hainan's agricultural development to rely on the expansion of planting area. We must vigorously improve the level of agricultural industrialization and strengthen Hainan's agriculture

packaging is difficult to be elegant

at the agricultural trade fair, the second gap to avoid people entering the experimental site by mistake is that the packaging of Hainan agricultural products is not as beautiful as others

before the opening of the agricultural trade fair, relevant heads of Hainan provincial government visited in advance. On the exhibition stand of the Provincial General Administration of agricultural reclamation, there are all kinds of tropical fruits piled up in the form of stalls, which forms a huge contrast with the delicate and beautiful packaging everywhere in other exhibition areas. The person in charge hurriedly asked the enterprise to change the packaging and rearrange the exhibition. The staff worked overtime overnight to make up for it to a certain extent

Wang Meizhi, President of Chengmai fruit and Vegetable Marketing Association, also came to Beijing to attend the meeting because of the agreement to plant red pepper with South Korea. He told me that he didn't know what to look at. He was surprised to see that the packaging of Hainan's agricultural products was not bad, but he didn't expect others to be better. He had reached a very high level, leaving Hainan far behind

at the "super large" enterprise booth, almost this c. the requirements for fixture structure: all vegetables on the market in each season have achieved refined and miniaturized packaging. Even cabbages with lower prices have beautiful packaging

Li Hongbo, deputy director of the Provincial Department of agriculture, said that each province has its own characteristic agricultural products. But in terms of product packaging, our disadvantages are very prominent. In this regard, we should learn from others as soon as possible, improve the packaging and increase the income of agricultural products

the level of science and technology urgently needs to be improved

from the products displayed at this agricultural fair, the current situation of low scientific and technological content of agriculture in our province is also prominent

before the opening of the agricultural trade fair, there was no other attractive place for the appearance of agricultural products in our province. Some enterprises also wanted to "change their faces" urgently and "beautify" quickly. However, after careful consideration, relevant professionals found that they could not casually "beautify". Because if the product is cleaned directly without technical treatment such as disinfection and drying, it will accelerate the decay of the product

this embarrassment at the agricultural trade fair exposed the scientific and technological deficiencies of agricultural products in our province in the post harvest link

a person in charge of an enterprise said that most of the current advantageous agricultural products in Hainan were introduced by Taiwan funded agricultural enterprises many years ago, and showed strong vitality. However, in recent years, due to the backward level of agricultural science and technology in Hainan, Hainan agricultural products have basically no bright spots in new, special and strange aspects

The backward level of agricultural science and technology in Hainan is also reflected in the development of good varieties, the cultivation of good varieties and seedlings, the management of production links, and the derivative development and processing of primary products

although Hainan is the smallest land province in China, it has the largest tropical land area in China and has unique advantages in light and temperature. If Hainan agriculture makes progress in the improvement of industrialization level, the improvement of agricultural product packaging, and the improvement of agricultural science and technology level, Hainan agriculture can realize the transformation from quantitative expansion to quality

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