Tips for purchasing the hottest laser engraving ma

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Tips for purchasing laser engraving machines

tips for purchasing laser engraving machines:

there are a variety of products of laser engraving machines on the market, including machines originally imported from the whole machine, machines designed and produced by ourselves in China, machines assembled in China with imported parts that can now meet the basic needs of the domestic market, engraving machines specially for positions with gentle mold cavities in the core, professional marking machines, and professional cutting machines, There are also machines with more than two functions, so how to choose? Tips for choosing laser engraving machine:

1) first of all, consider what material you want to engrave on: according to the different laser production, laser engraving machines can be roughly divided into YAG and CO2. The former is mainly for the application of metal products, while the latter is mainly non-metallic. At present, the latter is the majority of laser equipment on the market

2) choose laser equipment according to the needs of the products to be processed: laser equipment can also be roughly divided into carving, cutting and marking in different ways of use. Basically, some are special machines, and some have multiple functions, which should be selected according to the main needs

3) select the appropriate machine size according to the size of the product to be processed: that is, for the selection of the size of the laser engraving machine, but it should be noted that a large machine size is not necessarily good, because the equipment with a large size is certainly expensive, and the average laser output of some poor quality machines and equipment at various points on the large size is unstable, resulting in different depths of the engraving products on the same table, so it is correct to choose the most appropriate size

4) choose the appropriate laser tube power: according to the different carving materials and contents The appropriate wattage of the laser tube should be selected. For example, the engraving of acrylic and two-color plate does not need too much laser tube power, but for example, the engraving of wood and stone and the cutting of any material may need to restore the experimental machine to the original state. A high-power laser tube can achieve twice the result with half the effort

5) consider the speed of laser equipment: in a very short time, producing more products at a faster speed can create higher profits, so the speed is often the key to whether you can receive orders and make money. The speed of epilog laser equipment in the United States is as high as 304.8cm/s, and the lowest speed is 203.2cm/s. Compared with the general products on the market, which are only 106cm/s, it is really different from the utilization test results of Tiantu

6) choose the accuracy of laser engraving machine: the biggest difference between laser engraving and traditional engraving equipment and manual engraving is the high accuracy. At present, only American epilog laser equipment in the world reaches 1200 DPI, while other imported brands and a few domestic products can reach 1000 DPI. The accuracy of some domestic equipment is still very low

7) after sales maintenance service: after sales maintenance service of machinery and equipment is very important, but people often fall into a wrong myth. People always think that domestic machines are produced domestically, so parts can be obtained quickly and conveniently. However, imported machines and equipment with good quality are not easy to be damaged, so there will be no need for frequent maintenance, but machines with poor quality are often damaged, Need to pay special attention to this point

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