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Haier hot selling air conditioner: haier/Haier KFR

recommendation of Haier hot selling cabinet air conditioner: haier/Haier kfr-72lw/03gcb21au1 large 3-piece variable frequency cabinet air conditioner. For details about this air conditioner, please refer to the following user comments. I hope you can choose it for reference

haier/Haier kfr-72lw/03gcb21au1 large 3-P variable frequency cabinet air conditioner experience:

first use experience: this can also improve the application life and accuracy of equipment! Originally, I wanted to choose other brands. A friend is an air conditioner repairman. He said that Haier has good quality, good refrigeration and heating effects after installation, and very beautiful appearance. The service provided by the installer was in place, which not only caused the agricultural production reduction, but also caused the after-sales service to ask where it was inappropriate. It was arranged immediately. It is strongly recommended that this

be used for a period of time. After evaluation:

please click on the biomedical materials to view the detailed evaluation comments

haier/Haier kfr-72lw/03gcb21au1 large three piece variable frequency cabinet air conditioning configuration parameters:

Product Name: haier/Haier kfr-72lw/0

Haier air conditioner model: kfr-72lw/03gcb21au1

air conditioner type: cabinet machine

cooling and heating type: cooling and heating type

air conditioner power: 3 pieces

applicable area: ㎡

working mode: frequency conversion

energy efficiency grade: class I

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