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Hainan accelerates the mechanization level of sugarcane production

in order to promote the mechanization level of sugarcane production in Hainan, reduce sugarcane production costs and improve production efficiency, we should support farmers to grow efficient sugarcane to achieve industrial poverty alleviation. On February 28, Hainan Sugarcane Association and Hainan Sugar Industry Association jointly held a 2019 on-site observation meeting on sugarcane production mechanization technology, which demonstrated sugarcane mechanized harvesting, sugarcane ratoon mechanized management and sugarcane new varieties. Experts related to the national sugar system, heads of agricultural machinery and agricultural technology departments in Hainan sugar producing cities and counties, and nearly 100 people from sugarcane cooperatives and large planting households attended

the No. 1 central document in 2019 proposed that "on the basis of improving quality and efficiency, consolidate the production capacity of cotton, oil, sugar and natural rubber." "It is enough to cover the construction scope of sugar cane 'double high' base to the speed regulation range of 1~500mm/min in all designated reserves." It can be seen that the state pays more and more attention to the cultivation of sugar cane. According to statistics, at present, the total annual output of sugar in China is more than 10 million tons, while the consumption has reached 15 million tons, and the supply gap is nearly 5 million tons. The international sugar price is gradually rising, and the industry development is expected to be good

member of the sugar expert steering group of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, sea capacity selection: unit selection: GF, KGF, N, kn, LBF; Induction mode: American amcells high-precision load cell; Effective test width: 350mm; Maximum stroke: 800mm (excluding fixture); Control system: frequency conversion computer automatic control; Safe installation of machine: overload emergency shutdown installation; Up and down travel limit installation; Leakage automatic power-off system; Overload shutdown protection; Yangbenpeng, chairman of the southern sugarcane Association and director of the sugarcane research center of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, said that under the pressure of the increasing shortage of rural labor and high production costs, Hainan has actively followed the lead of Guangxi, Zhanjiang and other major production areas in recent years, and gradually set off sugarcane production from machine tillage and land preparation, trenching and planting, planting and fertilization All links from cultivating soil to harvesting and loading are developing in the direction of mechanization

at the scene of the observation meeting, the segmented sugarcane combine harvester produced by Luoyang Chenhan Agricultural Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. can harvest tons of sugarcane a day, charging 110 yuan per ton, while the labor cost of cutting sugarcane in Hainan this year has risen to 200 yuan per ton. The effect of mechanical harvesting has been widely recognized, so that the majority of sugarcane farmers have seen that it is completely possible to significantly reduce the cost and increase efficiency of sugarcane production. Scientific cultivation and mechanized operation will greatly increase the income of sugarcane planting

the main costs of sugarcane production include the costs of land, labor and agricultural materials. The production cost of sugarcane in China is times that of foreign countries, and the harvest cost alone is times that of major sugarcane production areas in foreign countries, which is basically uncompetitive. Therefore, it is imperative to implement the whole process mechanization of sugarcane production. Yang benpeng told that the way out for Hainan's sugarcane industry is to increase production and reduce costs. At present, the labor cost has accounted for 50% of Hainan's sugarcane production cost. If mechanized management is adopted throughout the process, the labor cost can be reduced. The labor cost of harvesting a single mu of land can be reduced by 300 yuan because its heat treatment process requirements are very technical requirements

what makes Yang benpeng more worried is that in addition to the high labor cost, the problem of labor shortage is becoming more and more obvious. In the next 5 to 10 years, rural areas will face the dilemma of no one doing heavy labor

"the state has repeatedly demonstrated whether China's sugarcane planting and sugar industry are needed. From the spirit of this year's Document No. 1, the result is that it must be strengthened, because sugar is an important strategic material of the country and must be guaranteed." Yang benpeng's six to seven million mu of land in Western Hainan, if sugarcane is not planted, it is difficult to find better alternative crops due to the limitations of soil water and fertilizer conditions and farmers' labor skills. Therefore, in order to continuously monitor the flow of each group of components, it is imperative to improve the quality and efficiency of sugarcane production in Hainan and mechanization the whole process

Li Jing, Secretary General of Hainan Sugar Association, said that sugarcane sugar industry is a traditional industry in Hainan. Although it is no longer a provincial pillar industry with the development of various industries, it is still a decisive industry in the northwest region. At present, the development of Hainan Sugarcane Industry has encountered unprecedented difficulties. In the face of competition from domestic and foreign sugar markets and a variety of crops, only by increasing production and reducing costs can there be benefits and a way out. Realizing the mechanization of the whole process of "farming, planting, management and harvesting" as soon as possible is the most critical measure to reduce costs and increase efficiency in sugarcane production, and it is also a crucial link to promote the supply side structural reform of the sugar industry. In addition, the characteristics of flat land and little rain in the west of Hainan are also very suitable for the mechanization of sugarcane production

in order to improve the mechanization level of the whole process of sugarcane production in Hainan as soon as possible. Not long ago, Hainan sugar industry association and sugarcane society also jointly issued the "opinions on further revitalization of Hainan Sugarcane Industry", which proposed that: first, we should study and formulate the whole process mechanization promotion and popularization plan of sugarcane production in our sugarcane area according to local conditions, and promote it step by step in a planned way; Second, we should introduce sugarcane machinery from outside the province to Hainan on a large scale, and organize large sugarcane producers and agricultural machinery personnel to visit and study; Third, we should actively support and cultivate sugarcane agricultural machinery service organizations in our province; Fourth, give priority to the promotion and application of sugarcane harvesting and loading machinery; Fifth, popularize agricultural machinery and agronomic technology suitable for mechanized farming, do a good job in the integration and planning of sugarcane fields, and promote sugarcane varieties suitable for mechanized harvesting; The sixth is to carry out the necessary transformation of the sugar production equipment and process, so that the machine harvested sugarcane can enter the trough smoothly. Strive to promote the mechanization of about 50% of the sugarcane fields in the whole province within the year

the mechanization of sugarcane production requires appropriate varieties as supporting facilities. To this end, after eight years of efforts, Yang benpeng's sugarcane research team has bred five "Zhongtang" series new sugarcane varieties suitable for Hainan's climate and soil conditions, and suitable for mechanized planting, field management and harvest, as well as high yield, high sugar, good Ratooning and excellent resistance. At present, Zhongtang No. 1 and No. 2 have been registered as new sugarcane varieties by the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, and Zhongtang No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5 are also in the preliminary work of registering new sugarcane varieties

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