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Hainan invested 2.816 billion to start a number of national and provincial road reconstruction projects

Hainan invested 2.816 billion to start a number of national and provincial road reconstruction projects

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in order to improve road traffic conditions and serve the county economic development, Hainan started a number of national and provincial road reconstruction projects such as the reconstruction of Wencheng Tongguling highway, with a total investment of 2.816 billion yuan and a total mileage of 276.93 kilometers. At present, the land requisition, demolition and construction bidding work of these projects is being stepped up, and it is planned to start in October this year. This is learned from the Provincial Department of transportation

it is understood that these national and provincial highway reconstruction projects include the reconstruction of Wencheng Tongguling highway, the reconstruction of Yalong Bay Haitangwan section of Haiyu east line, the reconstruction of Lingshui Daben section of national highway G361, the reconstruction of shimeiwan Sanya section of Huandao expressway, the reconstruction of Jiaji Longtang section of provincial highway S301, the reconstruction of Huangzhu Tunchang section of provincial highway S302, and the reconstruction of Danzhou urban area Xipei section of g225 Haiyu west line. Some of these projects are pavement expansion, and some are cement roads to asphalt roads

according to the introduction, as the backup road of Wenchang space launch site, 46 enterprises in Wenchang will bring nearly 100 products to the exhibition site. The total investment of the reconstruction project of the city Tongguling highway is about 352million yuan, and the total length of the project is 31.26 kilometers. The project is composed of s316 Tongbao line, Tongbao line and Puwen line, which are connected to countries in the Middle East, and S203 Puwen line (Wenjiao hengshandu bridge section). The starting point is at the entrance of Tongguling National Nature Reserve, and the end point is at the bridge head of hengshandu bridge, passing through Wencheng, Dongge, Wenjiao, and Longlou towns in Wenchang City, involving 72 villagers' groups in 16 villages. It is planned to expand the original 8.5-meter-wide road into a 15 meter wide high standard road, which is very different from the traditional manual testing machine

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