Haier eg10012b929g10 kg is the most popular

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Comments on the advantages and disadvantages of using Haier eg10012b929g 10kg variable frequency drum full-automatic washing machine

(1) a very good washing machine. Trust Haier when buying household appliances. It's very cost-effective when doing activities. The installer installed it on arrival. He has washed clothes three times. This roller washing machine is very water-saving. My favorite is the champagne gold, which ranks No. 3: check whether the oil is mixed with air, color

(2) things are very good. Washing clothes is also great recognition for our work. The washing is very clean, and the installation is in place. Haier is trustworthy. It has been used for a period of time and feels very good. The appearance design is generous and fashionable, and the capacity is large

this kind of door plate parts (as shown in the figure) are made of natural kenaf material

(3) the washing machine received. First of all, it is particularly convenient to buy it. It is delivered to the door the next day, and the installation is also installed together. There is no additional cost, and the attitude of the installer is also good. The washing machine of 10 kg is really enough, and the cost performance is quite high. I am quite satisfied

the latest quotation of the double 11 of the next day Cat

II. Functional features and detailed configuration:

functional features:

detailed configuration parameters:

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