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It is imperative to control the excessive packaging of express delivery. On the release date, we believe that it is mainly because the current domestic paper enterprises still use high price stock pulp as the main period: Source: Guangming

recently, the relevant person in charge of the state post administration interpreted the measures for the administration of mail express packaging (hereinafter referred to as the measures), which was officially implemented in March, and said that the special treatment of excessive packaging will be launched soon, Strive to effectively curb illegal behaviors such as excessive packaging within one year, and initially build a long-term working mechanism to prevent excessive packaging

the problem of excessive packaging in the express industry has a long history and has been criticized, but it lacks effective governance norms. This time, the relevant departments should replace the seals in the interpretation of the "measures", and have refined them at the level of specific operations. For example, for the packaging operation carried out by the courier according to the specifications, users should not put forward unreasonable requirements such as too much wrapping tape; If the self provided packaging does not meet the requirements, and the courier requests to replace or replace it, the user shall not refuse or hinder it; For recyclable packages put into use by the delivery enterprise, the recipient shall return the recyclable packages to the courier after taking out the inner parts. These specific and detailed specifications are very targeted, which can provide legal basis and operation guidance for daily management in the future, and then effectively solve the long-standing problem of excessive packaging in the express industry

at present, people's daily life has long been inseparable from express delivery. While the fast and convenient express industry brings convenience to people's lives, excessive packaging has increasingly become a serious social problem

on the one hand, excessive packaging has caused a huge waste of resources. Nowadays, express delivery of a commodity requires a large amount of paper, tape and other consumables, with less than twoorthree layers of packaging inside and outside, and more than fourorfive layers. In addition, the excessive packaging of some commodities is reflected in the volume. Some commodities with small volume also use huge packaging boxes, and the excess space is filled with fillers such as plastic foam. In addition to wasting packaging resources, it also causes waste to the limited space of transportation vehicles

on the other hand, when express delivery reaches consumers, most of these excessive packaging materials will become garbage. In particular, tapes and plastic foam, which are difficult to degrade and treat, not only increase the workload of waste treatment, but also easily cause environmental pollution. Therefore, it has become an urgent task to rectify the excessive packaging in the express industry

in the express industry, the rectification of excessive packaging also has a wide range of spillover effects. From the perspective of macroeconomic system, the express industry is in a very critical link. It connects production, sales and circulation on one side and consumption on the other, connecting producers, sellers and consumers in the economic system. Managing excessive packaging in the express industry can force upstream production and sales enterprises to reform production processes and simplify product packaging; It can also promote downstream consumers to establish the environmental protection concept of green consumption and healthy consumption. For the express industry itself, it can also eliminate the stubborn disease of violent express delivery. When express companies lose the "shelter" of over packaging, they will have to innovate the production process and treat the delivered goods in a more civilized way. In addition, the successful governance of excessive packaging in the express industry can also set an example for other similar industries, such as takeaway industry, and urge these industries to put the governance of excessive packaging on the work agenda

the purpose of controlling excessive packaging is to establish a more resource-saving and environment-friendly economic form and social life form. Therefore, whether this work can be effective and whether a long-term mechanism can be established depends not only on the efforts of the postal sector and the express industry, but also on the joint efforts of the whole society. Manufacturers should innovate production processes according to the characteristics of e-commerce and express delivery. Physiological indicators include monomer migration, total migration, potassium permanganate consumption, heavy metal lead and decolorization reaction of test samples to produce more goods suitable for express delivery. Sales enterprises should take the initiative to adopt green and recyclable packaging materials. Consumers should also change their ideas, consciously pursue appropriate packaging, resist excessive packaging, and cooperate with the recycling and reuse of recyclable and clean ring packaging

if the concept of resource conservation and environmental friendliness becomes popular in the whole society, not only will the work of rectifying the excessive packaging problem in the express industry be twice the result with half the effort, but also the problems of resource conservation and environmental protection in other industries and fields will be more easily solved

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