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It is urgent to establish international standards for the food machinery industry. After entering the new century, China's food machinery industry standards are facing a new period of development. Through the research, formulation and revision of technical standards, we can speed up the pace of international integration, enhance industrial upgrading, expand exports, curb foreign technical barriers to trade, and provide standardized technical support for food safety, which has become a hot issue in China's food machinery standards

the improvement of people's living standards and the comprehensive production capacity of food processing have put forward new and higher requirements for the technology and types of food machinery. Now consumers are not only satisfied with being full, but also demand to eat well, and require to be able to provide deep-processing food with more varieties, better quality, richer nutrition, and more safety and health

in order to adapt to the changing market and meet the needs of different food processing plants, more and more food machinery production enterprises begin to develop non-standard machinery, which is very good to be people-oriented. However, if blind development is formed, it does not reflect the user's purpose in function, and the equipment will cause shutdown, impractical, and even waste

therefore, the establishment of industry standards is extremely important. The existing standards and guiding norms of every word machine in China's food recognition page can no longer meet the development requirements of globalization. To a large extent, for example, data editing is the lack of advanced and applicable technical standards and norms that meet international prevailing requirements in China. Now we are extremely quoting EU standards and international standards to formulate or revise domestic technical standards, Change the backwardness of China's technical standards as soon as possible

nowadays, there is not only an urgent need for advanced and applicable food machinery that can absorb heat, heat and heat to meet the market requirements, but also a new test for the standard of food machinery. We should be based on the existing foundation, market-oriented, enterprises as the main body, and widely absorb social forces to meet the development requirements of economic globalization and comprehensively improve the standardization level of food machinery

adapt to the new situation of economic globalization, strengthen the adoption of international standards and foreign advanced standards, and improve the competitiveness of China's food machinery products, enterprises and industries in the international market. The design of technical standards should consider the current practice of international standardization and adapt to the changes of international standardization situation, so as to integrate China's food machinery standards into the family of international standardization. China's extruder industry has many beneficial conditions in terms of foreign trade export. At the same time, China's characteristics should also be fully considered

in general, in the face of such a large market demand and development opportunities, China's food machinery industry should change the situation of excess middle and low-end products and insufficient high-end products as soon as possible, and speed up the formulation of industry standards and norms; Production enterprises need to increase the transformation of automation equipment, improve the technical content of products, and develop large complete sets of production lines with the right production and sales, so as to remain invincible in the domestic and foreign markets

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