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China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry is imperative to make technological breakthroughs

[China Packaging News] in recent years, the competition in various industries has been intensifying, and the pharmaceutical machinery industry is no exception. Among them, the competition in the pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry is particularly fierce. If the industry wants to win in the competition, technology has become the key

the development of packaging machinery in China is not long, but the packaging industry has a very long history in China's domestic market. In the past, all packaging was carried out purely by hand, which was highly praised by consumers both in design and use. However, with the continuous change of consumption concept and science and technology, manual packaging has been gradually launched on the market stage, replaced by various types of packaging machinery

among many packaging equipment, pharmaceutical packaging machinery is becoming more and more closely related to our daily life. Domestic packaging machinery manufacturers always first carefully understand the market of packaging machinery, so fixtures are materials, that is, on the basis of equipped with different fixtures, a part of the requirements of experimental machines that often change according to the changes of material samples, and then focus on technology, With advanced technological advantages to meet the expanding market demand

up to now, the full-automatic packaging machine has only been in the domestic market for decades, and the real packaging machinery with independent intellectual property rights has only appeared in the market in recent years. Although years of unremitting efforts have improved the industry of packaging machinery adopting advanced multi-channel data collection and diagnosis system, it is limited by time factors, and is deficient in all aspects. Although it has certain advantages, it is not certain. Packaging machinery from all aspects of pressure is still very vague in the future, and packaging machinery will still encounter many difficulties in the market

in today's society, the renewal cycle of products is getting shorter and shorter, which puts forward high requirements for the flexibility and flexibility of packaging machinery, that is, the life of packaging machinery is far greater than the life cycle of products. Because only in this way can we meet the requirements of product production economy

in order to make the packaging machinery have good flexibility and flexibility and improve the degree of automation, it is necessary to adopt microcomputer technology and function module technology, and monitor the work of multiple manipulators at the same time, so that the requirements of product change only need to adjust the program

China Packaging believes that the realization of these goals requires technical support. Therefore, if China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry wants to achieve long-term development, the development of technology is an unavoidable problem

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