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It is imperative to innovate in the door and window hardware industry.

after entering the 21st century, China's door and window hardware industry has undertaken the great task of international industrial transfer. It has been thought that it has quickly ascended in about 10 years, and has become the world's largest door and window hardware manufacturer

in recent years, the development of China's real estate and other industries has brought a good development foundation for the door and window hardware industry. The acceleration of urbanization, the construction of a large number of affordable housing and the development of commercial real estate are undoubtedly not improving the market needs of door and window hardware. The huge potential market provides a good environment for the development of China's door and window hardware industry. On the other hand, due to the instability of the property market in 2015, the government's macro-control also led to a year-on-year decline in the trading volume of door and window hardware in more than 90% of cities in the first half of the year

door and window hardware industry: foreign and domestic brands go hand in hand

throughout China's door and window hardware industry, domestic and foreign brands are uneven and significantly differentiated. In the middle and high-grade real estate in the economically developed areas in the north, the inner flat opening and lower hanging hardware system and the inner flat opening hardware system are mainly used. These hardware systems are mainly imported brands and a few domestic well-known brand products

among foreign imported brands, there are some century old brands with both public praise and quality. Looking at the ranks of domestic brands, in the process of undertaking international industrial transfer, Chinese door and window hardware enterprises have achieved the improvement of technology and experience, but also paid the cost of hard labor and resources

nowadays, China's door and window hardware manufacturing industry has a high level of manufacturing capacity, and the door and window hardware products manufactured are no longer synonymous with low quality and low price. The quality of products has been recognized by international mainstream buyers and markets. However, if China's door and window hardware enterprises want to achieve internationalization and build a century old enterprise, they must start with building brands. The improvement of quality and quality does not mean the final victory of brand building. At present, Chinese door and window hardware enterprises still play the role of low-level production processors in the division of labor in the international market

from the perspective of long-term market development, China's door and window hardware industry will continue to show a new development trend of growing scale, expanding product coverage, foreign brands continue to lead medium and high-end products, domestic independent brands gradually become stronger, and the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry will be improved

the market competition is brutal, and only innovation can be based.

nowadays, China's door and window hardware has entered a virtuous cycle of high quality and high price, and the survival of the fittest. According to the expert index, the door and window hardware industry is undergoing a new round of reshuffle to eliminate the fittest

on the one hand, door and window hardware enterprises will pay more attention to enhancing the added value of products by improving product innovation ability

on the other hand, door and window hardware enterprises urgently need to offset the impact of cost increase on enterprise profitability through refined management

these two factors make manufacturing enterprises pay more attention to information construction, and put forward higher requirements for the products, implementation and services of information manufacturers. This will inevitably lead to the survival of the fittest of manufacturing information manufacturers. In order to reform the eco-environmental protection management system and achieve sustainable development, hardware enterprise informatization manufacturers must carry out product innovation, management innovation and service innovation

compared with bat and other Internet giants, the door and window hardware industry is still a relatively traditional industry. However, with the rapid progress of science and technology, digitalization, networking and informatization are increasingly integrated into people's daily life, and the values and lifestyle of consumers are constantly changing. The change of the new competitive situation will inevitably accelerate the iteration speed of hardware products. At this time, product innovation will become an important way for door and window enterprises to maintain vitality and remain invincible in the cruel market

on the other hand, on the basis of the continuous improvement and improvement of living standards and living conditions, people put forward higher requirements for the quality of life, and intelligent and humanized door and window products came into being. Now people pursue this lazy lifestyle and like the life changes brought by the development of science and technology, which will also make the smart door and window industry rise rapidly

in addition, innovation is not only the innovation of the product itself, including product concepts and marketing channels, but also should seek new changes. There is an exciting concept behind every innovative product, but manufacturers should understand that the product concept is not the same as the communication slogan. Communication slogans are based on the concept of products. They are the language of direct communication with consumers and are consumer oriented

enterprises that launch innovative products should not only have an insight into the unmet needs, values, lifestyles, etc. of consumers in the marketing environment, but also dynamically examine their changing trends, lead consumers' needs, launch forward-looking products, and cater to consumers to do a good job in marketing strategies

a viable innovative product should not only respond to the current unmet needs of consumers, but should combine insight into the changes in consumption trends with artistic imagination to launch leading products that exceed consumers' expectations and bring them joy

the repeated success of Apple's product innovation stems from the perfect combination of consumer insight, technological innovation and wisdom, and constantly leads the needs of consumers. In an increasingly competitive market. 2. In the experimental process, whoever can best meet the needs of consumers will eventually win the market

pay close attention to technology, build a good brand, and win development

as an accessory of doors and windows, the hardware of doors and windows has a direct impact on the energy-saving effect of doors and windows when providing supporting facilities for doors and windows. Therefore, high-quality door and window hardware plays an important role in building energy conservation. According to the prospect forecast of China's door and window hardware industry market by the prospective industry research institute, by 2017, the market scale of China's door and window hardware industry will reach 457. About 5.5 billion yuan

although the overall market prospect of the door and window hardware industry is very good, what is worrying is that many manufacturers do not have innovative R & D capabilities and sustainable development strategies, but blindly imitate and copy, product processes and styles are almost the same, the homogenization of the whole market is very serious, and the business model is very simple and traditional, The factors that directly lead to the vicious competition in the price of door and window hardware industry and the destruction of glass pipes mainly include the following aspects: (1) the situation in transportation, installation or use

for enterprises, producing homogeneous products can ensure cost leadership, but they do not understand that if significant product differentiation can be achieved, even if the cost is high, they can obtain sufficient profit space through premium

the country is developing and the society is progressing. With the accumulation of wealth in all walks of life and the current complex economic situation, safety awareness, aesthetic awareness, brand awareness, artistic awareness and so on have long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Although there are more and more enterprises in the domestic door and window hardware industry, and the brands continue one after another, if you want to become bigger and stronger, establish a brand position in the domestic market, and open the international market, you should also pay close attention to technology and create innovative products to win the recognition of consumers. Only in this way can you remain invincible in the fierce market competition

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