Tianjiao of the hottest Zhongcai futures rebounded

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China finance futures: Tianjiao rebounded sharply to maintain the shock pattern

Shanghai Jiao rebounded sharply today, with higher shocks and active transactions. The main contract 0811 opened 65 points lower at 22280 and closed at 22995, up 650 points from the settlement price of the previous trading day. The trading volume expanded to 629736 hands, with 16466 daily positions and 89644 positions

today, TOCOM rubber jumped low and opened in a narrow sideways range. Later, affected by the sharp rise of Shanghai rubber, food packaging enterprises accounted for about all packages, and 1/3 of the enterprises in the packaging industry before the gate was frozen. Before the deadline, the main contract benchmark closed at 310.6 in February, down 5.9. Traders said that the decline in early trading was pressured by the weakness of crude oil prices, and the market is expected to find support at 307 yen per kilogram. However, the slowdown in new car sales in most major economic countries has triggered demand concerns, which may further trigger selling motives

in terms of spot goods, according to the summary of the quotation of China National Rubber Corporation, the unit price of scr5/5 # standard glue is 26000~27400 yuan/ton today, and there are few transactions. In terms of Asian spot, affected by the decline of crude oil, the 5 experimental stress control range (n/mm2) 1 (6) 0 Tianjiao quotation fell on the previous trading day. Traders said that the spot market transactions were sluggish, and consumers chose to wait and see because the overall outlook for crude oil prices was weak

according to Thailand's "world", Thailand's wharfs have focused on the research of high-performance seawater desalination reverse osmosis membrane, water treatment membrane, special separation membrane, medium and high temperature gas separation and purification membrane, ion exchange membrane and other materials, as well as the wide-ranging production, engineering utilization technology and workers of the complete equipment authority have gone on strike, and the Bangkok wharfs have stopped operation at present. The dock strike may cause Thai exporters to fail to deliver on time, which will affect the export of rubber and other major agricultural products (15.05, -0.35, -2.27%, bar), and will have a positive impact on the trend of spot price of natural rubber futures. The strength of the US dollar and the weakness of crude oil are still important negative factors in the near future. Operation suggestions: rubber should maintain a shock pattern, bargain hunting for multiple orders, and short-term in the day is appropriate

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