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It is imperative to establish the anti-counterfeiting advantages of printing enterprises (Part 1)

anti counterfeiting solution, which originates from a business mode of IT industry, and is listed as the two magic weapons of business marketing and business promotion together with the system integration mode. This marketing method was introduced into the anti-counterfeiting industry in 1998. Now it has been widely adopted by the industry, and is becoming more and more mature and innovative. Understand the concept of anti-counterfeiting solutions. Solutions are generally the sum of proven products and services formulated for the problems faced by a certain industry that need to be solved. Anti counterfeiting solutions are the sum of technologies, products and services that have developed successful experience to solve a certain anti-counterfeiting problem and anti-counterfeiting needs. They are generally divided into industry anti-counterfeiting solutions and enterprise anti-counterfeiting solutions. Anti counterfeiting solutions focus more on personalization, which is determined by the characteristics of the industry

In the field of household appliances

generally, enterprises with the following three situations need solutions:

1. Their own business rules and product packaging are relatively fixed, and they need advanced anti-counterfeiting systems to improve their product image and improve their market share

2. Lack of in-depth understanding of the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting products, lack of necessary knowledge and experience of self-development, logo production and organic combination with the product itself

3. we hope to learn from the advantages of mature solutions, update quickly, and regain the market share of fake, fake and fake products

the design process of anti-counterfeiting solution is simply the process of integrating various anti-counterfeiting products and anti-counterfeiting technologies. It delivers an anti-counterfeiting system that meets the needs of customers in the form of products, technologies and professional services. It appears in the image of the solution when it is introduced to customers, and in the image of system integration when it is delivered for use

anti counterfeiting solution the design of measuring the width and thickness of the middle of the sample with a vernier caliper or micrometer begins with understanding the needs of customers. The most fundamental needs of customers are to prevent counterfeiting, counterfeiting, counterfeiting and parallel goods, and to seize or prevent the lost or possible loss of the market. As a scheme designer, face-to-face communication with customers is the only way to understand the problems that customers want to solve. What you know depends on the specific situation, so I won't repeat it here

anti counterfeiting solution providers should promise to deliver anti-counterfeiting products and services on schedule within the budget according to the wishes of customers. A complete set of anti-counterfeiting solutions should include: customer needs, problems faced, anti-counterfeiting technology design, anti-counterfeiting product design, technical principles, technical recommendations, future expansion space of anti-counterfeiting applications, technical implementation methods, technical publicity instructions, pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service measures, price, completion period, cooperation methods, etc. Simple anti-counterfeiting solutions generally include customer needs, recommended technology, anti-counterfeiting product design, implementation methods, price, etc

the above parts may facilitate readers' understanding of anti-counterfeiting solutions and put forward their own actual needs

wrapped nano silver wire is a kind of metal silver with a diameter in the nanometer range (generally between 20 (1) 00 nm) and unlimited length. It is a problem faced by the design and printing enterprises of one-dimensional fiber packaging

1 Packaging design is not only a good-looking appearance for products, but a scientific image to ensure the expressiveness of packaging on the shelf. At the same time, it should also conform to the brand concept of the product and serve as a language tool to convey special market information. When carrying out packaging design, we should consider or foresee that we must not only cater to the unique style of the targeted market, but also have anti-counterfeiting function

2. Who is the anti-counterfeiting in the packaging for? Generally speaking, the market can be divided into two parts: the direct end consumer market and the BtoB distributor market. In the end consumer market of daily chemical products, the support of consumers has promoted the development of the market itself and improved the confidence of retailers and the popularity of products. Therefore, the main purpose of packaging anti-counterfeiting is to protect the interests of consumers, and the anti-counterfeiting identification established should also be convenient for consumers. This technology requires obvious characteristics and is difficult to counterfeit. It can be easily recognized without the help of any instrument

in the BtoB distribution market, it is usually large packaging, and how to prevent counterfeiting and fleeing sales has become a major problem. Therefore, at this time, the main purpose of packaging anti-counterfeiting is to protect the market interests of merchants subjectively and the interests of consumers objectively. The anti-counterfeiting technology identification established should not only facilitate the identification of consumers, but also have the function of feature implication, with the help of simple and portable instruments or the function of facilitating managers to identify and distinguish fake goods, so as to prevent the monitoring of fleeing goods

3. The added value potential of anti-counterfeiting packaging design is huge. Product packaging design is a rapidly developing industry, and innovation will be the main driving force for its development. Therefore, the development of anti-counterfeit packaging will not only protect the interests of businesses, but also promote the maturity and standardization of the market, and bring a series of benefits to manufacturers, such as maintaining and improving brand advantages and market share

4. Market demand has stimulated the technological progress of packaging anti-counterfeiting, and also made packaging and printing enterprises continue to develop new products to meet the requirements of this kind of enterprise packaging personalization. The choice of packaging anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting technology has certain particularity, The specific performance is from the initial way of "sticking plaster" (adding anti-counterfeiting logo) to the anti-counterfeiting printing of packaging materials and packaging design.

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