It is imperative to popularize exterior wall therm

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The promotion of exterior wall insulation materials in China is imperative

China's total energy resources are about 400 million tons of standard coal, ranking third in the world. In order to ensure safe production, China's proven coal reserves account for 11% of the world's reserves, crude oil accounts for 2.4%, and natural gas accounts for 1.2%; However, the per capita share of energy resources is less than half of the world level, and oil accounts for only one tenth; 1bpi751 liters in 1998, the production of primary energy resources was 1.24 billion tons of standard coal, and the consumption was 1.32 billion tons of standard coal, about 10% of the world's energy consumption; Become the third largest energy producer and the second largest energy consumer in the world; According to the current mining intensity, the coal reserve production ratio is less than 100 years, the oil reserve production ratio is about 14 years, and the natural gas reserve production ratio is about 32 years

what is the situation of building energy consumption in China? China's building energy consumption currently accounts for% of the country's energy consumption; The per capita annual consumption of construction energy is tons of standard coal, ranking 89th in the world, less than half of the world's per capita consumption level of 2.4 tons of standard coal; It is 1//10 of developed countries. However, with the average annual economic growth rate of 7-8%, the energy consumption demand is also increasing by 2.8-4%; Building energy consumption is approaching moderately developed countries, and building energy consumption will account for 30-35%. In terms of China's current energy consumption, if we do not strengthen the control of energy consumption, our energy will be nearly exhausted after decades, leaving only a dark space for future generations to access the previous experimental data and curve comparative analysis

why is building energy conservation valued by more and more countries in the world? Building energy conservation generally accounts for ()% of the total energy consumption of the whole society. The surface of products processed in the 20th century is bright and clean. After the energy crisis caused by the oil crisis in the 1990s, energy conservation has been highly valued by developed countries all over the world, and building energy conservation is generally listed as the national major policy. Many countries have adopted the development strategy of "two hands". On the one hand, they have taken measures to control the energy consumption level of new buildings, on the other hand, they have increased the energy-saving transformation of existing buildings, and achieved very outstanding results. Building energy conservation has become a topic of common concern and attention all over the world

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