It is imperative to establish a green packaging ci

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It is imperative to establish a green packaging circulation system

establish a green marketing concept and promote green packaging in commercial activities. Circulation enterprises should establish the concept of green marketing, establish the awareness of environmental protection, and vigorously promote green packaging in their business activities. Business operators would rather increase operating costs, but also effectively block the pollution of packaging waste. This is not only conducive to the environmental protection of the community, but also improve the reputation and affinity of the enterprise. Its hardness is high, and it has won the trust of consumers, thus bringing good economic and social benefits

circulation enterprises are the intermediary link of commodities from the production field to the consumption field. When purchasing commodities, we should pay attention to the possible environmental pollution caused by packaging, choose non polluting, less polluting and easily recyclable materials as packaging commodities, and resist excessive packaging. When selling goods, do not provide or provide less non degradable plastic packaging bags to customers; For the packages that must be provided that will pollute the environment, the store can charge customers a deposit to urge recycling

advocate green consumption and create a good market atmosphere for green packaging. In today's world, green consumption is becoming a trend of the times. When shopping, consumers should put environmental protection in the first place and establish an ideological realm of being willing to pay higher commodity prices for environmental cleaning. When purchasing goods, people will no longer only pay attention to whether the quality of goods is qualified and whether the packaging is exquisite, but also pay more attention to whether the goods meet the requirements of environmental protection and whether there is a "green packaging mark" on the packaging. Consumers who buy goods with "green packaging marks" will feel honored for their contributions to the cause of environmental protection. As the consumption demand for green packaging is more and more vigorous, commodity producers will take the initiative to adopt green packaging from their own interests, so as to cater to the psychology of consumers and promote the sales of commodities

in addition to environmental shopping, the safety protection devices of green experimental machines have many consumption situations. Consumers are also required to develop consumption habits conducive to the recycling of packaging waste while attracting investment. When purchasing goods outside, try to bring your own shopping bags, do not use non degradable plastic packaging products, and encourage people to use reusable and recycled packaging containers. Do not litter, and actively participate in garbage classification and recycling

governments at all levels should set an example and influence enterprises, institutions and the public with green consumption behavior. In government procurement, priority should be given to products that have passed ecological design or environmental label certification, and to products that have passed cleaner production audit or ISO14000 certification; Office supplies should be saved and reused for many times, and waste should be actively recycled

strengthen recycling and regeneration to realize the ecological cycle of packaging waste. A basic idea of circular economy is to recycle all kinds of resources in the form of garbage and put them into reproduction, so as to prevent these valuable resources from being wasted as garbage and polluting and destroying the ecological environment. At present, jgj82 ⑼ 1, the code for design, construction and acceptance of high-strength bolted connections of recycled steel structures in major developed countries in the world, the total value of resource recovery has reached US $250billion a year, and is growing at a rate of 15% - 20% per year. 45% of the world's steel output, 62% of copper output, 22% of aluminum output, 40% of lead output, 30% of zinc output, and 35% of paper products come from the recycling of renewable resources. Using renewable resources for production can not only save natural resources and curb the spread of garbage, but also consume less energy and discharge less pollutants than using natural raw materials for production

at present, China still pays insufficient attention to the recycling and reuse of packaging waste, the recycling channels are not smooth, the recycling technology is backward, the system is not perfect, and the recycling and reuse rate is very low. According to statistics, the recycling rate of waste packaging paper in China is only 30%, almost all the packaging of medicine, cans, cosmetics and so on are discarded, and the plastic recycling rate is only 30%. To actively do a good job in the recycling and reuse of packaging waste, the top priority is to rely on the market mechanism and appropriate support from the state to establish a national chain of "waste resource recycling companies", and vigorously carry out the development and research of packaging waste separation technology, cleaning technology and various recycling technologies

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