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As people have higher and higher requirements for home decoration, many families will arrange track lights during decoration to create a warm atmosphere for the family. In addition to being used in families, track lights will be used in many store decoration. It uses high-quality LED light sources, with pure spectrum, diverse colors, energy conservation and environmental protection, beautiful and generous, and is known as the best among spotlights

as the name suggests, the track lamp is a lamp installed on a similar track. The angle of the lamp can be adjusted at will. Generally, it can be used as a spotlight in places where key lighting is needed. So what are the dimensions of the track spotlight and its installation process? Next, let's take a look at the size of the track lamp

[what is a track lamp]

the track of the track lamp contains voltage input, and there are conductive metal strips on both sides of the track, and there are rotatable conductive copper strips at the joint of the track lamp. During installation, the conductive copper strip on the track lamp contacts the conductive metal strip inside the track, which can realize the power on of the track lamp and light the track lamp. So we sometimes see the so-called adjustable spotlight, that is, the track light

[what are the sizes of track lamps]

3W surface mounted track lamps

the lamp cap diameter is generally 5.2cm, the height is generally 16cm, the lamp length is 10cm, and the installation box is about 10.3cm long

7w surface mounted rail lamp

the diameter of the lamp cap is generally 7.1cm, the height is generally 17cm, the lamp length is 11cm, and the installation box is about 9.7cm long

12w surface mounted rail lamp

the diameter of the lamp cap is generally 9.9cm, the height is generally 26cm, the lamp length is 18cm, and the installation box is about 9.7cm long

18w surface mounted rail lamp

the diameter of the lamp cap is generally 11.4cm, the height is generally 27cm, the lamp length is 17.7cm, and the installation box is about 9.7cm long

[installation method of track spotlight]

1. The installation of track spotlight includes track, lamp holder installed on track, lamp cap fixed on lamp holder and lamp installed in lamp cap. Two conductive sheets are arranged on the top of the track, and a long strip-shaped groove is arranged at the bottom of the track

2. The top of the lamp holder is a top plate, and the top of the top plate is provided with two protruding elastic terminals

3. The top plate of the lamp holder is threaded in the track, and the two elastic terminals of the top plate are in contact with the two conductive sheets in the track respectively. The utility model can directly embed the lamp holder into the track, so that the lamp holder can be moved laterally to adjust the light projection position. Compared with traditional lighting, the utility model has the advantages of small volume, low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, convenient adjustment and moving position

summary: the reason why the track spotlight has been loved by people is that it can be illuminated from a specific angle to highlight the role of aesthetics, present a sense of hierarchy, and create a unique atmosphere. A durable and cost-effective spotlight is very important. It can make the goods in the window look more moving and people can't put it down. The size of track lights and related knowledge are introduced here. I hope it will be helpful to you





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