To improve clothes, you only need an excellent cra

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To improve clothes, you only need an excellent craftsman's wardrobe

it's time to collect clothes again. It's always pleasant to collect clothes in summer. Put away those heavy down jackets, sweaters and autumn clothes ~, and show all the light and beautiful skirts and high-quality shirts ~ think about it. Happy ~

but at this time, will you think the same as Xiaobian

I don't think the cabinet is big enough

if it is still a cabinet with an unreasonable pattern, the feeling will be even worse

therefore, whether it is a new home or an old house replacement, you should choose a suitable wardrobe. After all, it is a big object that you will use every day. But those solid wood wardrobes in home stores, which are prone to tens of thousands of yuan, are still a little hard to handle, although their quality is strong

whether it is necessary to buy solid wood wardrobes, or how to buy the most suitable wardrobes, the following is a good understanding of the top ten brands of fine wood craftsmen in China. I. classification of materials for wooden wardrobes

at present, there are four kinds of commonly used materials for wooden wardrobes in the market: solid wood, density board, particleboard, plywood, and the latter three belong to artificial boards

solid wood - good quality and delicate

the natural wood color, warm texture and unique wood fragrance of solid wood wardrobe are the fatal weapons that captivate a large area of solid wood control. In addition, its load-bearing and environmental protection are also the best. Formaldehyde on the wardrobe mainly exists in glue and paint. Compared with other artificial boards processed with glue, solid wood is obviously more environmentally friendly

however, its value is also correspondingly much higher, and the solid wood is easy to deform and crack due to heat expansion and cold contraction, making it a very difficult master to serve

advantages: good texture, good load-bearing, environmental protection

disadvantages: thermal expansion and contraction, paint pollution, expensive

density board - easy to shape and deformation

density board is also called solid wood particle board or medium fiber board. It is made of wood chips completely broken into fibrous shape, mixed with glue, smooth surface, and feels dusty

the outstanding advantage of this board is its plasticity! No matter how it is cut and polished, it can show smooth lines, which is most suitable for making decorative materials and can concave various exquisite shapes. However, its disadvantage is also fatal, that is, its moisture-proof performance is extremely poor. Once it meets wet weather, it will swell and crack every minute. If you are in the humid South, you can basically say goodbye to this kind of board ~

advantages: strong plasticity, cheap

disadvantages: poor moisture resistance, glue pollution

particleboard - high cost performance

particleboard is lauded as "solid wood particle board" by merchants. In fact, it is made of shaving sawdust or debris, plus some glue. The pressing density of particleboard with different quality is different. The higher the density is, the better the bearing capacity and nail grasping force are

it is less load-bearing than solid wood and less plastic than density board, but it is relatively stable, moisture-proof and cost-effective. At present, many wardrobes on the market are made of this kind of board, which can meet the needs of most people. However, its biggest drawback is its poor nail grip. Once the hardware accessories are broken, it is difficult to repair

advantages: good moisture resistance, good stability, cheap

disadvantages: poor nail grip, glue pollution, poor load-bearing

plywood - the most chicken ribs

plywood is also called solid wood multilayer board, which is made of multilayer wood and glue layer, like a wafer biscuit

its board is made of solid wood, so its overall performance is close to that of solid wood. Its load-bearing property, moisture resistance and nail grasping force are good, and the range of thermal expansion and contraction is not as large as that of pure solid wood, which sounds very perfect. However, its price is two to three times higher than that of other artificial boards. The price is close to that of solid wood, but there is no solid wood for environmental protection. There is a feeling that high cannot be low

advantages: good moisture resistance, good grip, good load-bearing

disadvantages: glue pollution, expensive

give you the advantages and disadvantages of these simple and easy to understand wardrobe materials. Which one to choose depends on your own needs

of course, for most of the current partners of the party, I'll give you a few simple and practical suggestions:

① if you are not poor in money and diligent in maintenance, choose a solid wood wardrobe

② if you are a good-looking party and live in a dry place, you can consider choosing a density board wardrobe

③ if you pursue high cost performance, choose chipboard wardrobe, but choose good hardware accessories

④ if you pursue the feeling of solid wood and don't want to spend a penny more, choose plywood wardrobe

second, the structure of the wardrobe is equally important

it is better to choose a large one than a reasonable partition

don't complain that the wardrobe at home is too small. In fact, it is likely that the internal zoning is unreasonable

the internal pattern of the wardrobe is basically divided into partition area, drawer area, long hanging area and short hanging area

young people suggest designing more clothes hanging areas, and children and the elderly suggest more partitions

as for whether or not to add icing on the cake accessories such as pants rack and basket, it depends on the budget. After all, an additional accessory costs hundreds of yuan

the key to longevity of wardrobe depends on hardware

hinges, handles, rails and other hardware accessories are easy to be ignored. In fact, these are precisely the most frequently used, which greatly affects the service life of the wardrobe. But with the naked eye, it is difficult for us to distinguish the quality of these accessories, so it is better to choose big brands with good reputation, which is more guaranteed

if you want to protect the environment, you have to look at paint and edge banding

although solid wood wardrobes are free of glue pollution, many of them will be painted with a layer of protective paint on the surface. At this time, we should pay special attention to the environmental protection of the paint. For the panel wardrobe, edge banding is an effective means to inhibit formaldehyde volatilization, so we should choose the products with full edge banding. The quality of the edge banding process depends on the edge banding technology and machines. Try to choose large manufacturers whose technology and equipment are relatively advanced, and the edge banding level will be better

III. choice of wardrobe door

there are two types of wardrobe door: swing door and sliding door. The biggest difference between these two types is whether your bedroom has enough space. Sliding door is a universal type, which can be used in large and small spaces. If you like the side hung door, you need to leave room for the door to open ~ there is no need to tangle about this. In fact, the functions are the same. Tell the wardrobe merchants the size of your home, and they will give you reasonable suggestions

although the wardrobe is only an inch of land, as long as you choose safe materials and reasonable layout, it is also a happy thing for everyone. You have a wardrobe as excellent as you, Your clothes may be raised to a new level ~

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