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Shenzhen water-based paint agent who is good [Scott], furniture coating water-based paint grinding

Shenzhen water-based paint agent who is good [Scott], furniture coating water-based paint grinding

wood painting people all know that whether the coating quality is good or not, grinding is a major factor, because grinding runs through the whole coating process. Moreover, grinding not only affects the quality problem, but also directly affects the cost of products, because the proportion of waste materials accounts for about 35% of the total material loss. If the method and management are proper, at least 5% of the cost can be saved. It can be seen that both furniture enterprises and painting workers should pay more attention to polishing

first of all, we need to know that water-based paint can be coated by hand grinding and machine grinding. Sandpaper can be divided into wood sandpaper, water sandpaper, iron sandpaper and other materials. Sandpaper can be divided into various models according to the thickness, and there are also cotton sand, cleaning cloth and other auxiliary grinding tools. It is necessary to select the correct sandpaper and sandpaper model at different process stages according to the characteristics of sanding, and polish it in a certain way

what is the role of grinding? Grinding in different processes has different meanings. Understanding this can more autonomously achieve the grinding standard

1. Blank grinding

the main purpose is to decontaminate, level, remove the burr of the board surface, and enhance the adhesion between the wood paint and the board. Generally, sand paper with coarse sand particles (such as 180 #, 240 #, etc.) is used to polish along the direction of wood grain. It is not allowed to grind horizontally or irregularly, so as to avoid damaging the wood grain or leaving sand marks. Special attention should be paid to the edges, corners, grooves and other places that are not easy to polish, and they must be polished in place. These places are prone to coating problems. And the blank - do not have too sharp corner design, - is circular arc, these places are prone to the problems of poor painting, poor adhesion, and easy falling off of the paint film. But we also need to pay attention not to destroy the original design, and we must maintain the original circular or square outline. For example, the decorative line must be kept straight and cannot be bent, broken or deformed

plate grinding

2. Primer grinding

here we divide the primer into two categories, water-based primer with special function (water-based sealing primer, water-based cementing primer) and water-based primer with filling function

special primer. At this time, we need to understand the role of primer. For example, water-based adhesive primer is to remove the problem of wood reinforcement and burr after encountering water-based paint. So at this time, you can choose 320~400# sandpaper to measure the bottom and polish it to polish the plate surface smoothly. In water-based coating, water-based sealing primer is often used to seal the floating of lignin, tannic acid and grease of the plate, prevent the discoloration and falling off of the paint film, and prevent the infiltration of water in the upper coating. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the grinding of water-based sealing primer. It should be gently ground with 400~600 # fine sandpaper, and the paint film must not be sanded through, especially in uneven places with edges and corners, it can be polished with 600 # cotton sand to avoid uneven sanding through the paint film

a layer of water-based primer, which generally plays a filling role, can be normally polished with 240~320 × sandpaper until it is flat, smooth and free of sand marks. It should be noted that in the water coating process, the paint film is relatively thin, so you can choose finer sandpaper to polish along the wood grain

3. Grinding of intermediate coating

in the water-based coating process, there are usually many times of primer or frequently used color modification, fixation, rubbing, etc. all belong to intermediate coating. Generally, 400~600 × fine sandpaper will be selected for light grinding. In order to remove particles on the paint surface and increase the adhesion between layers, the grinding force should be uniform, and it is required to be flat, smooth, without bright spots and sand marks. In the painting process of antique effect, multiple intermediate layers will be used to make rich and three-dimensional color effects. This will use some auxiliary grinding tools, such as cleaning cloth, cotton sand, steel wool, etc., which are easy to control the strength. Through repeated grinding, it is convenient to better grasp the light and dark effect

4. Polishing of finish coat

the polishing before the next water-based finish coat is to ensure the surface effect of the next finish coat, so it is enough to polish slightly, remove particles, and make the surface flat and smooth. If you want to do high gloss effect, you need to polish the finish paint. Generally, water grinding is adopted. Water grinding can reduce grinding marks, improve the smoothness of the coating, and save sandpaper and labor. First, polish the bright spots with 1000~1200# sandpaper, and then check the sand with 1500# sandpaper

the above are the grinding standards in the main processes, and in grinding, it is easy to wear through, sand marks, sand leakage, and the surface is not smooth. Therefore, some precautions and operating skills need to be paid attention to in grinding

1. there must be a lot of dust in dry grinding. At this time, we need to deal with the dust. First, it can ensure the construction environment and the health of employees, so that employees can work in a better state; The second is to avoid dust affecting the coating quality. Before spraying, the dust must be cleaned, and a good dust-free paint spraying room and drying room are needed when spraying the finish paint. Special attention should also be paid in the open coating process to avoid dust entering the wood duct and brown eye. In order to ensure the opening effect, the wood grain is usually polished with a cleaning cloth or deepened with a wire brush. So be sure to use a stiff bristle brush to remove the dust in the wood grain

2. The model of sandpaper should be selected appropriately during grinding. In order to save time, coarse sandpaper should not be used for grinding or sanding

3. the force should be uniform during grinding, and excessive force or local excessive grinding is not allowed. When grinding, generally press with four fingers and palm, and clamp the sandpaper with thumb. Square wood blocks or grinding tools can be used to Polish furniture with large area

4. For the grinding of complex shapes, fine sandpaper should be used for light grinding, and the sandpaper can be pressed with thumb or index finger locally, or the sandpaper can be folded for careful grinding. Fixed heterosexual parts such as outer arc can be polished with a mold (the template with the same shape as the plate can be polished with sandpaper on the template)

5. if water mill is used, follow-up construction must be carried out after it is completely dry, otherwise it is easy to produce whitening. In addition, it should be noted that substrates with strong water absorption are not suitable for water grinding

from the above, it can be seen that grinding is a very important and skilled work in coating construction. As a furniture enterprise, we should pay attention to staff training, and don't think that "grinding has no technical content, and everyone can do the work of grinding", which leads to the frequent occurrence of grinding quality problems, affecting the coating quality and cost of the whole product, and losing money for small things

furniture enterprises should pay fundamental attention to the grinding process, recognize its importance to product quality and cost control, establish a training system with paint companies, check and standardize the grinding operation procedures, formulate a standard and perfect grinding operation process according to the process, improve the grinding efficiency and quality, and ensure the coating effect. Shenzhen Scott Trading Co., Ltd. is the general agent of Scott paint in the United States. We sincerely invite you to share the water-based paint polishing of furniture painting. At the same time, it also undertakes the internal and external wall coating construction projects of various families, villas and buildings




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