Shiyou wooden door has been a brand for 13 years,

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Shiyou wooden door is a high-quality wooden door that strives for perfection and has been tempered for thousands of years. Starting from people's taste and pursuing the beautiful home life that people pursue, it continues to develop and design high-quality wooden doors that can bring more dignity, fashion and comfort to people's lives

Shiyou wooden door, a high-quality wooden door that strives for perfection and has been tempered, starts with people's taste and pursues the beautiful home life that people pursue, and constantly develops and designs high-quality wooden doors that can bring more dignity, fashion and comfort to people's lives. Over the past 13 years, with its professional attitude, Shiyou brand has created countless classic and collectable products in the field of wood products

accuracy: Shiyou wooden door adopts the world's leading German Haomai processing equipment, with an accuracy of up to 0.1mm. Straight line accuracy to 0.3mm, height difference accuracy to 0.3mm, right angle accuracy to 0.5mm. Make sure that every wooden door fits perfectly and is straight as one

originality: Shiyou wooden door adopts "minefield" type ultra stable technology and seamless knuckle technology to completely solve the problem that traditional wooden doors are easy to deform and twist. This improved technology has been granted a national patent, which greatly improves the stability and durability of the wooden door. Shiyou wooden door also pioneered the "multi-layer cold pressing" process, so that the multi-layer wood bonding can be completed without changing the temperature, and the bonding strength can be greatly improved to avoid the deformation of the finished product due to thermal expansion and cold contraction

handmade: all the doors of Shiyou wooden door are made through 61 strict processes, including 51 pure handmade processes, which reproduce the original ecological wood texture of the wooden door, and the paint surface is flat and smooth, glowing the original ecological beauty of each wooden door

material: Shiyou wooden door selects the wood most suitable for wood products from all countries in the world. They all have the high-quality characteristics of stable structure, compact texture and reaching the standard growth age. They have reached strategic cooperation with multinational wood suppliers to provide Shiyou with high-quality raw material supply for a long time, so as to ensure the massive production demand of Shiyou

after sales: lifelong maintenance, trustworthy. Shiyou wooden door provides perfect lifelong service mechanism for all users of Shiyou wooden door, and completely eliminates the worries of customers. At the same time, if consumers encounter any quality problems during the national standard warranty period, the company will provide free door-to-door maintenance services. All after-sales problems will be solved carefully until you are satisfied

anti counterfeiting: in order to put an end to fake and shoddy products and protect consumers' rights and interests of authentic products, shiyoumumen has multiple anti-counterfeiting query mechanisms. Consumers can verify and query the authenticity through official website, telephone, QR code, SMS, laser anti-counterfeiting logo, packaging and other channels, and do not give counterfeit products an opportunity

service: Shiyou wooden door follows the 5A service standard of the registered patent of Shiyou headquarters. Provide consumers with free door-to-door measurement of door opening size, determination of product model type, free door-to-door delivery, free installation and other services, so that users can feel the service concept of people-oriented and perfection of worldfriend





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