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With the continuous development of new technologies by well-known brands, and the comprehensive control of material selection, processing, moisture content, pavement and other aspects, the solid wood flooring produced by them can cope with the dry and changeable climate, and is completely suitable for household pavement in the north

choose practical solid wood flooring from four aspects: material, size, moisture content and processing fineness! Experts said that in order to minimize the possibility of cracking and deformation of solid wood floors and extend the service life of solid wood floors, consumers need to take seriously from the purchase of floors to the use and maintenance of daily life

■ purchasing skills

1 material is fundamental

there are many tree species used to produce solid wood flooring, including rosewood and teak; Generally, there are maple, oak, Manchurian ash and Gamba beans; The cheap ones are fir, pine, etc. Each tree species has different growth years and fineness of materials. Even the same tree species may have different materials due to different growth environments

suggestions: try to choose tree species with stable wood properties and long growth cycle, such as teak and beech, to avoid ladle, twist, bend, crack, arch, sound and other phenomena in the long-term use of wood flooring. In addition, the fineness of the material is an important sign to judge the quality of solid wood flooring. According to reports, the less the number of wormholes and scabs on solid wood flooring products, the more delicate the material of solid wood flooring and the more stable the performance

2 choose small size

the solid wood flooring currently available on the market, with the length of 900mm× Width 90mm× 18mm thick is the most common. Now wide boards are popular in the market, such as wide boards with a length of more than 2 meters, which are more beautiful and generous than narrow boards. The texture is relaxed and the pattern is complete, which is suitable for paving in larger house types

suggestion: in terms of the stability of wood, the smaller the size of the floor, the stronger the deformation resistance. When purchasing solid wood flooring, consumers of ordinary small and medium-sized households can pay more attention to products with a length of less than 500mm, a width of about 70mm and a thickness of no less than 18mm. They not only have strong deformation resistance, but also can be parched when paving, which is more fashionable and beautiful

3 the moisture content conforms to the northern environment

the moisture content of solid wood flooring is very important, and the moisture content of the purchased flooring must be consistent with the local average moisture content

suggestion: consumers can consult professional salesperson when buying, so as to buy a floor that is balanced with the local balanced moisture content

according to the national regulations, solid wood floors with a moisture content of 8% to 12% are qualified. In northern China, the humidity is higher in June and July in summer, and it is drier in other months, so it is appropriate to choose solid wood flooring with a moisture content of 11% to 12%

4 observe the processing fineness

after choosing a satisfactory model, consumers can take out two pieces of floors in the store and assemble them by hand, touch them by hand, and see whether their processing accuracy and smoothness are flat and smooth, and whether the assembly of mortise and groove fit, installation gap, anti denaturation groove and so on are tightly fitted

suggestion: observe the bite of the wedge, the assembly gap, and the height difference between adjacent plates. If it is tightly fitted, it is OK

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