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Where will the printing exhibition go in the future

in may, 2013, China print 2013 exhibition was held in Beijing, with an exhibition area of 160000 square meters and 180000 visitors, setting the highest record since the establishment of the exhibition. China print 2013 exhibition has also become the second largest professional exhibition in the printing industry in the world. For a time, China print 2013 exhibition became the hottest word in China's printing industry

however, according to the news from the same period, it is true that the recruitment of IPEX 2014 exhibition in the UK is much worse than before, while another digital printing exhibition in the UK is completely cancelled

at present,

in fact, the exhibition is not only in the UK, but also in China. China print 2013 was indeed a success, and Labelexpo Asia 2013, which is about to open recently, is also a thriving exhibition. However, a Beijing label exhibition originally scheduled for November was stopped because of poor recruitment

the same exhibition in the printing industry, the situation is quite different. What is the reason for this

ipex exhibition is an exhibition with a history of decades, and it has rich experience in organizing exhibitions. However, in the European market, there are not only IPEX exhibitions, but also well-known exhibitions such as drupa exhibition and Milan International Printing Exhibition. In particular, drupa exhibition has developed into the world's largest printing exhibition by virtue of its accumulation. After the global economic crisis and the eastward shift of the development focus of the printing industry, it is difficult for the European continent to support three equal international first-class exhibitions at the same time

the market is the cornerstone that determines the existence and prosperity of the exhibition. Without the cornerstone, the building will inevitably collapse. The bottleneck of IPEX exhibition development is caused by objective laws

in fact, for the Chinese market, there are too many and too frequent exhibitions, which has also laid a curse for the weakness of exhibitions

at present, the large-scale printing industry exhibitions in China include China print, print China and all print exhibitions. The smaller ones include the annual Guangzhou printing exhibition in Shanghai and the South China International Printing Exhibition held in Guangzhou by Hong Kong elegant exhibition agency. Although the venues are different, the forms and contents of the exhibition are roughly the same. At present, these exhibitions are still booming, but we need to be cautious about how long this booming situation can be maintained

in fact, the cancellation of the Beijing label exhibition has already conveyed a signal that the waste lithium material recycling project will be built in Suining in the later stage. This is the crisis of the exhibition, which may be close at hand in the domestic market

what is the way out for future exhibitions

no market can grow without restrictions, such as the consumer goods market, the crafts market, and the exhibition also has the problem of saturation

in the process of market operation, after a market is saturated, this is the first large-scale professional selection activity with the theme of "green automotive materials/products" in China. The next measure that can be taken is to subdivide the market, and then do intensive cultivation of the subdivided market. In fact, the same principle applies to exhibitions

in the past two years, several relatively small-scale exhibitions have become very popular in China, including Reed Exhibitions' China International Corrugated exhibition and China International color box exhibition, as well as the Labelexpo Asia exhibition organized by tassus group. One of the most important reasons why these exhibitions are popular is that enterprises can sell their products at the exhibition

if we only look at the scale, these exhibitions certainly cannot be compared with the three major domestic exhibitions, even compared with Guangzhou India exhibition and South China exhibition, but their value lies in the accuracy of positioning and the grasp of the audience. As daiweizhong, director of Labelexpo Asia, once said, we do not need many visitors, as long as they are truly professional visitors; We don't need too large a scale, as long as all exhibitors are really suppliers related to label technology

how will the exhibition of China's printing industry develop in the future? This is a question, waiting for the manufacturer to answer whether to participate in the exhibition, waiting for the audience to vote with their own legs

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