Whether the heavy truck market can usher in a warm

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Can the heavy truck market usher in a warm spring after the cold winter of 2015

can the heavy truck market usher in a warm spring after the cold winter of 2015

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in 2015, the domestic economy was under great downward pressure, the growth rate of fixed asset investment continued to fall, and the demand of heavy truck market fell sharply, among which dump trucks and natural gas vehicles fell the most. Various vehicle enterprises began to transform to road transport vehicles, and launched high-power models equipped with 13 liter engines

fierce competition in the heavy truck market, some enterprises were forced to withdraw from the overseas market and became a new hot spot

in 2015, with the upgrading of emissions and changes in market demand, some automobile enterprises were facing survival difficulties, some enterprises with poor competitiveness withdrew from the automobile industry, some automobile enterprises were restructured, and many dealers with insufficient ability also withdrew from the market. The competition of product quality and after-sales service ability appears; Various fuel-saving competitions have taken place one after another, and fuel-saving champions have emerged one after another

the overseas market has become a hot spot. According to the data as of November, sinotruk and Yuchai have become the biggest winners in the overseas market this year. The former exported 24000 finished vehicles, up 12.5% year-on-year, ranking first in the export of domestic heavy truck enterprises for 11 consecutive years; The export volume of the latter has exceeded 40000 units and is expected to reach about 43000 units in the whole year. Mainstream manufacturers such as Dongfeng, heavy truck, Jiefang, Shaanxi Automobile, Futian, JAC, etc. have all established their own KD factories overseas. What is different is that these factories have begun to take root and accumulate energy overseas, becoming the tentacle of China's heavy truck to feel the pulse of the world and the springboard to the world

the heavy truck market declined as a whole, and road logistics vehicles became the mainstream.

in 2015, China officially implemented national IV emission, which directly affected the amount of heavy truck sales in the first half of 2015. Many customers bought cars in advance at the end of 2014, and many dealers adopted the strategy of pre licensing. From the number of license plates, the number of license plates in November and December 2014 exceeded the normal number of license plates by about 35000. Up to now, all localities should pay attention to whether there are still a lot of pre hung inventory vehicles to be digested at the joint gaskets

2015 saw an overall decline in each market segment of medium and heavy trucks, of which the dump truck market experienced the most serious decline, with a decline of about 52%; The market decline of trucks and tractors is relatively small

in 2013, among the three types of heavy trucks, the contribution rate of the total sales volume of dump trucks was the largest. After 2014, the contribution rate of the total sales volume of tractors exceeded that of dump trucks for the first time. In the first three quarters of 2015, the contribution of tractor market has reached 44%, a record high. Road logistics vehicles such as tractors and trucks have reached 69% of the market share and become the core support for medium and heavy truck sales

"the the Belt and Road" stimulates demand. Next year's commercial vehicle growth point

2016 is the year when the national "the the Belt and Road" policy is gradually implemented. It will promote the formation of a new economic structure in the region, change the past pattern of independent, decentralized and disconnected, and continue to extend from China to Central Asia, ASEAN, Europe and Africa through the land "the Silk Road" economic belt and the maritime "the Silk Road", It will inevitably involve many industrial transfers, which will increase the demand for logistics transportation and stimulate the demand for commercial vehicles

with the rapid growth of domestic infrastructure investment along the "the Belt and Road", the engineering dump truck may usher in growth. The development of the "the Belt and Road" may also stimulate the export of engineering dump trucks in 2016. "The country now emphasizes' capacity cooperation and capacity output '. With the promotion of the' the Belt and Road 'strategy, relevant highway construction and other projects may stimulate the export of dump trucks." The multilateral economic and trade exchanges driven by the "the Belt and Road" will help the development of logistics around railways and ports, and stimulate the demand for logistics transport vehicles

the Yangtze River economic belt is a new round of reform and opening-up transformation in China and the implementation of a new regional opening-up and development strategy. The Yangtze River economic belt covers 11 provinces and cities, spans the East, the middle and the west, realizes the linkage between the East, the middle and the west, and connects the land and the maritime Silk Road, which will affect economic development in transportation infrastructure, industrial transfer and upgrading, and urban agglomeration construction. The commencement of infrastructure construction in the Yangtze River Economic Belt will undoubtedly increase the demand for engineering vehicles. The construction of ports along the Yangtze River will also boost the sales of port trailers

in 2016, the elimination of yellow standard vehicles will continue to increase, which creates market demand for port tractor, truck, muck truck and other segments. The rapid development of domestic express logistics industry has created a demand for large volume and high-quality transport vehicles. Cold chain logistics and hazardous chemicals logistics have become new hot spots. Logistics enterprises have expanded from a single link service field to a one-stop comprehensive service field. The state has intensified efforts in environmental protection, urbanization and new rural construction, which will bring new market opportunities for special vehicles such as municipal sanitation vehicles and truck mounted cranes


the total sales volume of heavy trucks in China in 2016 should be basically the same as that in 2015. For a long time to come, the annual sales volume will be between 500000 and 60000, which will promote the establishment of the risk compensation mechanism for the first batch of new materials. It will be the norm in the domestic heavy truck market. Dongfeng commercial vehicle, SINOTRUK, FAW Jiefang and Shaanxi Automobile also predicted at their business conferences that in the next few years, The heavy truck market will not only bring convenience to mold manufacturing, but also maintain the current sales level

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