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Where will iron and steel go on the air outlet of Internet +

the static experiment uses the standard electronic universal experimental machine to carry out the interconnection and mobile interconnection. Today, with the strong spread of the interconnection, there are all kinds of theories about "interconnection +" everywhere. Basically, all walks of life have their own set of "interconnection +" theories. However, we find that the dying steel industry seems to have no more attention from people and the media, The reason why people are reluctant to mention may be that it is difficult for this industry to have another pleasant day, and it has become inevitable that it will come to an end. In fact, the steel industry abandoned by the media and public opinion is also constantly trying to connect with Internet + and always trying to find a way out. However, the fact is not so easy, otherwise the experiment will not be very successful, It must be a little hard to use

we will find that the measured output signal of the amplifier unit shows a linear trend. 1. Overcapacity is still a pain point that cannot be solved:

the inventory of the steel industry is indeed amazing. Overcapacity is a well-known problem that cannot be solved. Enterprises are unwilling to stop production and reduce production. In essence, it is difficult to solve the problem of overcapacity, and the enterprise is difficult to operate. Once it stops production, it will face debt collection from banks. Therefore, many iron and steel enterprises continue to produce against losses

therefore, it is an ideal cooling medium

although the national production of pig iron and crude steel decreased by 2.3% and 1.7% respectively in the first quarter. In terms of price, at the end of March, the CSPI steel comprehensive price index of the iron and Steel Association was 75.43 points, down 19.4 points compared with the same period last year. Since April, the steel price index has continued to decline slightly. In the third week of April, the steel comprehensive price index fell to 73 points, a new low since the index was recorded. Although the output has decreased, the demand for iron and steel has gradually weakened, and nearly half of the iron and steel enterprises are in a state of loss

2: economic structure adjustment and financing difficulties of iron and steel industry

the deep-seated problem reflected from these problems is that with the gradual transformation of China's economic structure, the economic growth mode previously relying on basic investment is changing towards innovation and science and technology, and basic industries such as iron and steel must be adjusted accordingly. The change in the direction of economic development has caused investors to invest in innovation and technology industries, that is, in places that can be connected with "Internet +". It is more difficult for iron and steel enterprises to finance. It is not possible to achieve transformation in a short time. Many others are afraid of death in the face of transformation. If they do not, they will have to wait for death. The problem faced by many iron and steel enterprises is that their technology is backward, their products are single, and they can not meet the needs of the market. Even if they want to transform, they have no place to turn. They want to seize the "Internet +" vent, but there is no place to catch it

III: the pain point of steel e-commerce has become obvious, and it is difficult to maintain in the future

the popularity of iron and steel e-commerce has also attracted some investors. Although hundreds of iron and steel e-commerce companies have been "piled up", on the whole, they are still in the stage of burning money. The profit of iron and steel e-commerce is still the focus of attention. It is really not easy to turn from "burning money" to profit. Now, the reshuffle and merger and reorganization of the iron and steel industry have begun. Where are these iron and steel e-commerce going? It is still a big question mark. It is still difficult to predict whether "Internet +" can turn the iron and steel industry from loss to profit. At least, it is certain that the iron and steel industry will face great difficulties in the short term

Internet + is a diversified concept, which can add vitality to traditional enterprises. However, it seems impossible to change the market by seizing the tuyere when encountering the "old and difficult" problem of the steel industry. The future of "interconnection +" of iron and steel can only be decided by the future. Internet + is not a fragrant bun suitable for any industry. Only after solving the pain points of the industry itself can we rely on "Internet +" to enter a new vitality

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