Whether the hottest cousin's salary is open or not

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There is no need to worry about whether the salary of "cousin" is open or not

liuyanfeng, a sophomore majoring in administration of Three Gorges University, mailed an application to Shaanxi Provincial Department of Finance and Safety Supervision Bureau on September 1, requesting to disclose the 2011 salary of yangdacai, director of Shaanxi Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau. On the afternoon of September 20, he received a reply from the Provincial Department of finance by express mail, saying that Yang Dacai's personal salary income was not within the scope of government information disclosure of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Finance (on September 20, in order to avoid severe vibration and affect the accuracy of the experimental machine). This is a cold joke that catches people off guard. Previously, this was a gimmick. For example, the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Finance called liuyanfeng and said that the reply had been sent by express mail, but did not say what the specific content was, which left a lot of room for imagination. Now, the reply content is only "Yang Dacai's personal salary income, which does not belong to the government information disclosure scope of Shaanxi Provincial Department of finance". This is more like Mr. Ma Sanli's crosstalk "ancestral secret recipe", in which the cost of high-speed rail is only 1/3 of that of foreign countries: some people itch all over. Seeing someone selling anti itching secret recipe along the road, they hurried to buy it home. After opening one layer after another and removing more than 30 layers of wrapping paper, the two words "scratch" appeared

it was somewhat disappointing not to disclose the salary of "cousin", which also attracted some friends' anger and even emotional expression. In fact, there is no need to be disappointed. Whether to disclose the salary of "cousin" or not, the salary of "cousin" is there. From expensive watches to expensive bracelets, from expensive glasses to belts, and then to high-end suits, "cousin" has long "disclosed" his income? Even if the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Finance disclosed the salary of "cousin", how could it be? First of all, it is difficult to guarantee the authenticity, even if it is made public, the certificate is also required; Secondly, yangdacai had previously disclosed his salary, "I work, my wife works, my son works, and my (son) daughter-in-law works. My salary income this year alone is 170000 yuan..." finally, according to media reports, the salaries of many officials are basically unchanged. The source of their income is by no means salary. It is not very meaningful to only publish the salary

although the salary of "cousin" has not been announced, we still see a capital citizen and the booming of civic consciousness. It is reported that Liu Yanfeng began to pay attention to public welfare in high school, and often thought about books on laws and regulations. He also bought a book "government information 14. Accuracy of response control rate: Regulations on disclosure when the rate is less than 0.05%fs/s". Liu Yanfeng believed that "official salaries are derived from the people and have close interests with every citizen, so official salaries should belong to the scope of government information disclosure." Obviously, liuyanfeng is a lovely and respectable citizen. He has ideas and has the courage to act. Although he failed to do so, his actions were of exemplary value. For example, people around liuyanfeng supported him very much, and his roommates often said "support you in spirit". Haojinsong, a well-known activist for the wider, more accurate and more stable measurement range of experimental power, believes that "many friends have raised questions on the Internet, which is a kind of supervision by public opinion. Liuyanfeng submitted an application and started the legal process."

of course, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Finance refused to disclose Yang Dacai's salary, which is questionable. Not long ago, XieXuren, Minister of finance, said that the final accounts of central departments in 2011 should be detailed and disclosed. At the same time, the budgets and final accounts of the "three public" funds at the central level and various departments will be made public after the 2011 central final accounts are approved by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, and the administrative expenditure will also be made public. This means that civil servants' salaries, office expenses and other expenses of public concern will be made public this year. Since the salaries of civil servants in central departments can be made public, there is no need to keep Yang Dacai's salaries private

the salary of civil servants belongs to the administrative expenditure, which "involves the vital interests of citizens" and "needs to be widely known by the public". However, the regulations of the people's Republic of China on government information disclosure clearly stipulates that all "involving the vital interests of citizens, legal persons or other organizations" or "requiring the broad knowledge or participation of the public" should be disclosed to the public, and Yang Dacai's salary is not a state secret, The salary is paid by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of finance, which has no reason not to publish it. Not disclosing the salary of "cousin" seems to be protection, but it is actually a failure, which will only cause more questions

although Liu Yanfeng failed to realize his wish, his belief in taking small steps is highly appreciated. As long as more people come forward, they will be able to promote social progress. And the matter itself has once again put forward a realistic proposition. If the official property system is established and the salary of civil servants is sunny, there is no need for citizens to bother to apply. It can be seen that, on the one hand, social progress needs to be promoted by citizens, on the other hand, it also needs to be continuously promoted by the system

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