The hottest rich XCMG loader takes you to the gold

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Get rich! XCMG loader takes you to the gold rush

how to get rich

gold mining is the answer in many people's hearts

and many gold miners have dreams

go to Africa on the other side of the ocean to fight

Xu 1 true and false, good and evil, beauty and ugliness workers are also in this hot land

help gold miners realize their dreams

in a country in West Africa, more than 300 gold mining enterprises gather here, and XCMG loaders are the most dazzling "gold" color on their gold mining site, bearing the heavy responsibility of production

the quality of gold mining is worthy of the important task

gold mining is divided into "dry" work and "wet" work. The so-called "dry" work refers to the transfer of gold ore, which is responsible for feeding materials to the screening machine. The working environment is bad, there is much dust, and the sealing requirements of the loader are strict; "Wet" activities are processes such as sand and gold panning by the river, and the protection of electrical system is very important

regardless of "dry" or "wet" work, users want to use the shortest time to obtain the maximum value. Time is money, especially in gold mining. The drivers work in three shifts, while the loading surface bonding strength carrier requires long-time continuous operation, and sometimes there is no time for daily maintenance

"under this demand, the quality of the equipment is not hard enough to survive."

"not only the quality is hard enough, the most important thing is higher cost performance!" Users of XCMG zl50gn loader commented, "we like the equipment that can make money."

in less than half a year, the working hours of this equipment have reached 2800 hours, basically working more than 20 hours a day, and the production progress has never been delayed

the quality is "hard" enough, which stems from XCMG's strict control over each link. Zl50gn is comprehensively optimized and upgraded in electrical system, hydraulic system, heat dissipation system, structural parts, cab and hood, with stronger operation capacity, higher reliability, more significant energy saving, more comfortable driving and more convenient maintenance

XCMG international is firmly moving forward

<12. Weight: about 500kgp> XCMG is deeply favored by African users. On the one hand, it is due to the ultra-high cost performance of XCMG products and XCMG's brand influence in the global market. On the other hand, XCMG is firmly promoting the main strategy of internationalization, increasing local spare parts investment, strengthening local services, requiring new institutional ecology, creating new competitive skills training, and developing local construction and channels, Make XCMG products closer to the market and customer needs

at present, XCMG loaders rank first in the market share of the industry in Africa, win praise from users, and help more customers realize their dreams of becoming rich

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