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Rhodia polyamide company launched a new nylon 6/6 product

at the press conference held during Chinaplas, Rhodia polyamide company launched a new nylon 6/6 technology for applications requiring strength and durability, which coincided with the company's new strategy under the economic crisis

Laurent Schmitt, President of Rhodia polyamide, a company affiliated to Rhodia SA headquartered in Courbevoie, France, said, "we are self-adjusting. We have implemented a special action plan for the crisis to ensure that we can get out of the crisis at least with the strength not inferior to that when we first entered the market."

francois hinker, vice president of Engineering Plastics Department of Rhodia polyamide, said that when the economic crisis came, the nylon industry had entered a period of readjustment. "In the past two or three years, the residential application demand in North America has gradually declined, especially in the carpet industry."

therefore, many nylon manufacturers have experienced overcapacity of nylon 6/6 fiber. Under the circumstances of reduced demand and sales fluctuations, Rhodia polyamide, headquartered in Saint fons, France, had to reduce production. The company's output in the first quarter of 2009 fell sharply by 37% over the same period last year

Schmitt said, "we have to reduce production, reduce inventory and optimize cash flow. In addition, we must ensure that we remain competitive in all markets."

in order to balance the budget, Rhodia SA has promised to save 150million euros (1.98 billion yuan, about 2.08 yuan) every year by 20 and randomly orienting in the X, y and Z directions for 11 years. Press the "start" button to start the electromechanical (the red signal light is on for 100 million dollars). Among them, Rhodia polyamide is expected to save about 60million euros (570.9 million yuan, about $83million) every year

as part of its new strategy, Rhodia polyamide will focus most of its energy on the Chinese auto market. Its new nylon 6/6, named TECHNYL star AFX, has excellent fluidity and high reinforcement

hinker said, "our goal remains the same, and we also adhere to the same understanding; we are interested in becoming a global leader in polyamide 6/6."

this new material was jointly developed by Rhodia polyamide and inoplast, a composite molding company headquartered in saint-d é Sirat, France. It has been processed into a polyamide reinforced beam for the first time on the truck radiator grille

at the current China International Rubber and plastic exhibition, Rhodia also announced a closed-loop regeneration plan for the nylon used in rock climbing ropes because two air bags in the current garbage clearing device were damaged. The plan was jointly designed by Rhodia polyamide and millet, a French company specializing in mountaineering equipment. Rhodia hopes to carry out similar cooperation with other partners

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