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Ricoh launched its new products at the 8th International Printing Technology Exhibition today (May 14, 2013). The highly anticipated 8th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (chinaprint2013) was held in Beijing from May 14 to 18 China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) kicked off. Ricoh, the world's leading provider of digital office solutions and document management services, launched this Asia's first comprehensive international printing brand exhibition with its new printing technology products and solutions, and released its new color wide width engineering machine ricohmpcw2200sp and color production digital printing system ricohproc5100s series, which became a major focus of the exhibition

the theme of this exhibition is to pursue limitless and endless development. Ricoh has always been thinking deeply about the future development direction of the printing industry, and constantly innovate and change in response to the changes of the impact experiment of the free fall dart method of the trend. Provide services with high added value in combination with customers' personalized needs, help customers improve printing workflow, improve work efficiency, and promote commercial printing customers to realize the digitization of printing workflow, so as to help customers win more brilliant business success and further highlight their (ange.) Imagine the essence of a changed brand

Ricoh's new color wide width engineering machine ricohmpcw2200sp was unveiled for the first time at this exhibition, attracting much attention. This model is famous for its printing speed, color quality, ease of use and productivity. Ricohmpcw2200sp adopts business and calm dark gray tone, elegant appearance design, suitable for all kinds of application environments, seamlessly combines copy/print/scan and other functions, and humanized user-defined main screen function, which improves the printing level of wide width engineering machine to a new level. Standard color printing/color copying/color scanning function, extremely fast output speed, black and white up to 3.2ppm (A1), color 1.1ppm (A1) output speed, equipped with 1200*1200dpi high-precision printing resolution, show more details, delicate. It also supports a0+ format color scanning function, and the maximum printing length can reach 15 meters, so that users in the construction, construction, engineering, planning, and geographic information industries can easily deal with a large number of complex document work

Ricoh's newly launched color production digital printing system ricohproc510s/c5110s Series in the Asia Pacific market was also released at the same time of this exhibition, which is divided into two models: 65ppm and 80ppm. It is mainly aimed at the internal text printing center of the enterprise and the development of commercial graphic users. We are customer-oriented and aim to save space in the light production printing market to meet the growing market diversity needs. Both models use new low melting point toner, which not only provides better image quality, but also has a good improvement in energy saving and production capacity. Proc5100s/c5110s series, as a new member of Ricoh color production digital printing system product line, will be a new choice for users who are looking for flexibility, reliability and high cost performance. Enhanced media nowadays, UTM is also increasingly appearing in plastic molding and extrusion laboratories. Quality processing and professional post-processing options will be committed to providing customers with a variety of printing value-added services and creating new business opportunities

general manager of PP Sales Department of Ricoh (China) Investment Co., Ltd. said that at present, PP products of Ricoh (China) are divided into two categories: sheet fed and large format. Sheet fed paper has been expanded to three series and six models, which has injected a source of power into the development of printondemand pod, and has gradually attracted the attention and welcome of users. This exhibition aims to show visitors the trend and change of Ricoh printing technology, and fully interpret Ricoh (ange.) Imagine the new brand essence of change

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