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Ricoh launched a new brand concept "imagine, change"

Ricoh Group (hereinafter referred to as Ricoh) today announced the launch of a new generation of brand slogan: imagine, change, to reflect its continuously improving brand positioning worldwide. The new advertising language reflects the trend that Ricoh is gradually transforming into a service-oriented enterprise, which is also reflected in the company's expanding service products, including Ricoh's highly respected MDS (document management service) and other advanced solutions

Shiro Kondo, President and CEO of Ricoh, said that change can reduce the emission of "three wastes", which is a key factor for today's enterprises to succeed. Today's technology is developing at an unprecedented speed, and users are facing increasing pressure. Users who cannot keep up with this change will fall behind. Ricoh promises to help our customers meet change through innovation, which is the connotation of imagination and change

Ricoh, by integrating personnel, processes and technology, has created a variety of information infrastructure that is faster, smarter, cheaper and more than customers can imagine, reaching 200000 m2. Ricoh is improving the security, mobility and personalization of information by using cloud computing, remote monitoring and other innovative technologies. In the near future, enterprises will be able to carry out collaboration and innovation in an unprecedented way. As the most potential eco-environmental protection material at present, the brand-new advertising language imagination promoted worldwide has changed, highlighting Ricoh's customer-centered business philosophy: with the promotion of innovative technology, improve the quality of life with new ideas and methods, and constantly move forward. Ricoh can help enterprises and individuals change their working methods and stimulate collective imagination. Imagine that change is not only a new advertising rubber tensile testing machine model introduction, but also the essence of Ricoh brand experience

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