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Rice bran cloud: three sharp swords of the cloud call center for the fiscal and tax industry

how to solve the problems of market connection and tax work in the fiscal and tax industry

there is no doubt that the enterprise service level market is a vast blue ocean. At present, there are more than 20million enterprises registered across the country. Regardless of the size of the system, the basic accounts (5) are stabilized for 1H without leakage. Basic services such as logistics, taxation and human resources are essential rigid needs. Huge demand has stimulated the development of the fiscal and tax industry, but with it are various complex details

finance and taxation can be roughly divided into two areas. One is the standardized business based on the basic needs of enterprises. All enterprises will be involved in company registration, agency bookkeeping, tax consultation, etc. The other is the professional services that large and medium-sized enterprises can complete the point, line and surface friction simulation experiments, the financing of enterprise development, the statements of enterprise listing and other more complex tax arrangements. Whether it is basic business or professional services, how to solve the data management of customer contact and the incoming call consultation of a large number of customers is an urgent problem to be solved

rice bran cloud proposed the fiscal and tax application of cloud call center, showing three sharp swords

rice bran cloud proposed the E-marketing offensive against the nature of fiscal and tax business. After we have mastered a large amount of data intended to clear the environment around the experimental machine to customers, the call center system assigns the number of calls to the seats by random, linear, longest and least strategies, so as to fully improve personnel efficiency; The agent previews the customer's situation and clicks on the outbound call to communicate more pertinently and rhythmically; The agent management center records the voice and call information of customers in real time and analyzes them into data reports. At the end of the call, conduct a questionnaire survey and service evaluation to comprehensively analyze customer needs and bring greater benefits. Taking the initiative to do a good job in customer marketing is for the offensive. For example, our customers Pujin and Baiwang

defense is the best attack. After we make a good introduction, it is how to upgrade our consulting service. How to answer when multiple people call at the same time, and how to answer when the customer calls again, instead of asking again. The intelligent routing, incoming call pop-up screen and IVR navigation of rice bran cloud call center are fully adapted to the tax system. At the same time, it proposes multi-channel access to customer service, Im, etc., so as to expand the multi-contact surface of customers and bring better customer experience. At the same time, we put forward recording quality inspection, queue management, seat statistics and so on, starting from the subtle points, do a good job in our prevention measures to deal with ten thousand measures. For example, our customers' nine star and gold account books

invincible ecology

in today's Internet diversity, any individual is no longer an independent individual. Similarly, if we build a system separately and a tool independently, it is bound to bring more trouble to customers. Rice bran cloud is open to create rich APIs and SDKs, and integrate upstream and downstream products of the system. Fiscal questionnaire 3. There are tools such as peak memory function and fiscal CRM. Strive to solve customers' problems in a one-stop way, be compatible with each other, and work more efficiently. At the same time, rice bran cloud is committed to building a system ecosystem, cooperating with developers to do a good job in vertical industry applications. Rice bran cloud wants to create an invincible ecosystem and help finance comprehensive business

rice bran cloud will dig deep into the pain points of the finance and taxation industry and create an all-round call center. We hope to solve the problems of market contact and tax consultation of Finance and taxation with three sharp swords. Follow me (mixcom1) and learn more about the industry

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