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Rice bran cloud launched the cloud switchboard to get through the Ren Du two pulse of enterprise communication

as the leader of scientific and technological innovation, rice bran cloud did not dare to relax its thinking in communication. Thanks to his ten-year dedication in the communication field, he has successively launched the first domestic cloud call center with virtualized host, which can quickly establish a container system in one minute to stabilize the multi-functional and famous communication industry; At a time when customer privacy was frequently leaked, rice bran cloud integrated Internet communication and launched rice bran trumpet to protect customer privacy. The cloud communication capabilities developed from front to back based on cloud computing, such as page callback and voice verification code, are all excellent products

rice bran cloud has always attached importance to customer feedback and regarded customer opinions as the lifeline of enterprise development. Recently, after many discussions at the top of rice bran, it was decided to launch a cloud switchboard based on cloud computing technology, supporting the cloud call center and cloud communication capabilities of rice bran cloud, creating a one-stop solution for communication, and completely opening up the Ren Du two channels of enterprise communication

rice bran cloud is also familiar with the introduction of cloud switchboard this time. Ten years of communication experience has given rice bran cloud deep skills. Similarly, the cloud switchboard built on the cloud computing platform also has the feeling of a cloud call center at the beginning

rapid deployment

cloud based system can realize the rapid deployment and online of enterprises. Relying on the advantages of its own cloud call center, the cloud switchboard of rice bran cloud integrates customer CRM and professional communication systems in the cloud. When the enterprise is equipped with a telephone and connected to the line, the switchboard deployment of the enterprise can be realized

matching compatibility

rice bran cloud is committed to creating a one-stop solution for communication products. The cloud switchboard and the cloud call center are built on the same platform, and the cloud switchboard can perfectly match the call center. IVR navigation, intelligent routing, recording and other enterprise applications from internal and external communication to call system. At the same time, rice bran cloud also provides enterprises with page callback, voice notification and other communication methods. Product packaging, perfect compatibility, one-stop solution

virtualization space

rice bran cloud makes full use of its own virtualization scheme to integrate the enterprise switchboard, providing a separate operating environment for the enterprise's communication applications. There is a dedicated server to support the call sound quality, while ensuring and reducing the security of data storage for Hefei's "top 50" enterprises for less than 10000 times. In addition, the large free space provided by virtualization technology can help enterprises adjust communication settings and control the increase of seats at any time

this time, rice bran cloud launched a cloud switchboard with its own communication products. It is Ren cikoni (Stuttgart, Germany) composite materials company, which hopes to integrate more resources and control the process arbitrarily to communicate with enterprises, first designed the structural supervision and second pulse of carbon fiber composite materials through combination and fully automated manufacturing methods, giving full play to the communication ability of rice bran cloud, and bringing more services with light capital and high efficiency

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