The hottest rice husk has new uses to make vegetab

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Rice husk has new uses: it is made into a pop can made of plant fiber

Heilongjiang Province is rich in rice. Scientific research institutions make full use of rice husks to make environmentally friendly tableware and disposable chopsticks. Now we have successfully developed straw cans. All kinds of signs on the universal experimental machine should be clear and durable. Straw is the main raw material, which is mixed with modified starch and excipients through scientific formula, high-speed mixing and molding

at present, the China packaging product quality supervision and inspection center has conducted a comprehensive and detailed inspection on the quality of straw cans, and passed the tests on its compression resistance, leakage, falling, sealing, aluminum top cover release force, etc., and has successfully passed the filling test in the brewery

Heilongjiang yuanshangyuan fiber products Co., Ltd. and Beijing Qiandao Technology Co., Ltd. jointly developed the project of straw cans peek manufactured end consumer goods that need consumers to gradually accept and recognize. For 10 years, land has been acquired and plant has been built in Harbin Shangzhi science and Technology Development Zone, equipment has been ordered, and it is expected to be put into production in March and April next year. Recently, they have signed an intentional contract with China Resources Samsung beer company

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