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Rice planting is imminent, and relevant machinery and equipment still need to work.

Abstract: unlike rice planting with seedling raising machine + transplanter, rice direct seeding machine is more like a lazy device, which carries out rice planting and production through direct seeding of rice seeds

recently, the weather has gradually heated up, which is a good climate for going out for an outing. Under the lush green, there are still only the stubbles left by rice cutting last year in the rice field. It is understood that rice planting has not yet arrived, and it can only be carried out until the temperature stabilizes to 12 ℃ and 13 ℃, which is less than a month. With the increasing popularity of agricultural machinery and equipment, rice planting is expected to gradually fade the impression that "farmers face the land and back to the sky" and replace it with various modern equipment

in terms of the current popularity in the country, the most common planting equipment is rice transplanter. Rice transplanters have a long history of development in China, and the types of equipment are relatively perfect, which are mainly divided into walking type and riding type. Obviously, the riding type is a further developed model of the walking type. Whether it is the installation, commissioning and maintenance of the door and window corner strength testing machine introduced below: the number of rows, equipped with power, or the convenience of operation have further advantages. In addition, the riding transplanter has a large number of working lines and has natural advantages in developing high-speed transplanters. At present, many enterprises in China have realized the development and production of high-speed riding transplanters, breaking the foreign technological monopoly on high-speed transplanters

the rice transplanter can also meet the different needs of cultivated land by configuring different equipment, such as Beidou satellite navigation and positioning terminal and high-definition camera, so as to realize the functions of operation monitoring, area statistical analysis, operation area verification, real-time Mu measurement and so on; Equipped with side deep fertilization device, mechanized fertilization not only solves the problem of low utilization rate of rice transplanters, but also improves the sowing efficiency of fertilizers...

but we should also see that there are still many problems with rice transplanters. According to the notification of quality investigation of rice transplanters published last October, China's rice transplanters have less than 80% safety scores, which is mainly reflected in the lack of safety signs, There are two aspects: failure to warn users, inadequate protection of protective devices (covers), and potential safety hazards. The investigation found that the lack of safety barriers on both sides of the operator's console of some riding transplanters may seriously affect the personal safety of operators. Relevant production enterprises need to pay more attention to these aspects

when it comes to transplanting machines, we have to raise seedling raising machines. We know that seedling raising is the key to the success or failure of mechanized transplanting. Compared with conventional manual transplanting, mechanized transplanting has higher requirements for seedling raising. It is understood that the seedling raising machine, combined with automatic sprinkler system, temperature control system and other equipment, can not only improve the seedling raising speed of rice seeds, but also have a higher germination rate because of the uniform growth of seedlings. At present, China has achieved the purchase of seedling raising equipment in many places: Cangnan has achieved mechanized seedling raising in cooperatives; Beiliu invested in the second mechanized production line of rice seedling raising...

cooperate with seedling raising machine + transplanter to realize the cleaning method of rice planting: different from filling the oil tank of the experimental machine, the rice direct seeding machine is more like a lazy device, which carries out rice planting and production through the direct sowing of rice seeds. Although direct seeding of rice has been the main mode of rice production in Heilongjiang Province as early as the 1960s and 1970s, due to the low development of advanced agricultural machinery and equipment such as laser grader and precise quantitative direct seeding machine, this technology has not been effectively promoted. The direct seeding of artificial rice is mainly affected by weeds and uneven land. Weeds grow faster than rice, and it is easy to absorb rice nutrients. The puddles formed by uneven land are easy to drown rice seeds. Therefore, although direct seeding saves time and effort, in order to improve yield, most areas should stop and check; In case of failure and failure in operation, the way of seedling raising and transplanting is still selected for rice production when inspection is required

until recently, Luo Xiwen's team led the research on the project of "rice precision hole direct seeding technology and machines". The rice precision direct seeding machine developed by Luo Xiwen can open two water storage ditches in the main page of the return of rice fields, and accurately sow rice seeds in the sowing ditches, realizing the precise and orderly planting of rice. In addition, the team has also developed 15 kinds of rice direct seeding machines for different varieties of rice in various regions to meet production requirements. With the cooperation of laser graders, weeders and other equipment, mechanical direct seeding of rice has gradually become popular all over China with high efficiency and low cost

for a long time, rice, as the largest grain crop in China, has become a part of China's grain production that cannot be ignored. In the process of agricultural mechanization, the mechanization of rice planting is not as popular as rice harvesting equipment. Therefore, there is still much room for the development of rice planting mechanization. As important products of rice planting mechanization, rice transplanter, rice seedling raising machine, rice direct seeding machine and other equipment also need to accelerate the pace of product development and further promote the process of rice planting mechanization

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