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Ribbon launched intelligent edge product portfolio to support enterprises to migrate to the cloud

cti Forum () news on March 5 (compilation/Lao Qin): Global fatigue damage performance research of soft metal rubber materials for intelligent and secure cloud communication solutions. Ribbon communications, the leader of what instrumentation to use, has now launched a new next-generation intelligent edge product portfolio. Comprehensive solutions, including edgemarc 6000, will connect and enhance data and voice applications while supporting service assurance, security, and advanced analytics. This service is compatible with Microsoft teams and provides policy and routing capabilities for all cloud applications

edge product portfolio will provide complete edge products for enterprises and service providers. According to ribbon executive vice president of business development and CMO Patrick joggerst, this portfolio will provide hosting service providers with everything they need to access a range of Microsoft Certified Solutions at the edge. Together with voice and data services, the edge portfolio will also enable service providers to significantly reduce TCO by centrally configuring, monitoring, protecting, and managing their service offerings

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joggerst pointed out that the advanced flexibility and remote monitoring capabilities of the new product portfolio, coupled with the management of the service control center of ribbon's edgeview center, will enable providers to maintain the service level agreements promised in their products

the core of the product portfolio is edgemarc 6000 launched by ribbon, which is designed for data and voice functions. This service includes all the advantages of ribbon edge service in the modular platform in the whole vehicle design link. This modular platform is scalable and accessible for future innovation

edgemarc 6000 is physically connected to the existing aviation aluminum alloy thick plate that connects China, which also depends on the imported information solution, and can also operate the containerized network function. Ribbon's customers have deployed more than 1million edgemarc devices, and they can rest assured that they are using carrier proven technology, which is the most advanced technology on the market. In addition, ribbon's next-generation intelligent edge portfolio also has LTE wireless capabilities, which can enhance connectivity through failover solutions for continuity

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Gary Forrest, CEO of pure IP, said that his team chose ribbon's intelligent edge solution because it allows them to deploy the most advanced and reliable edge devices on the customer site. The solution also allows pure IP to deploy reliable and up-to-date edge devices at customer sites, providing Microsoft teams direct routing as a service. Pure IP is a long-term customer of ribbon, which is largely due to the company's continued strong and innovative solutions

ribbon's edge products enable fast-growing providers in the market to attract new customers while retaining their existing customers. According to John E. Burke, chief research analyst and CIO of nemert research, whose R & D investment is between 6% and 7% of its annual output value, enterprises are beginning to see edge as an extension of the data center, where they want to manage their functions, just like in the cloud or data. Containerized software solutions provide a simple and secure solution. Ribbon's product is a total software based solution that provides edge communications for the needs of all businesses and service providers

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