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Passenger car Association: 50000 pickup trucks were sold in November 2020, showing the ability to resist deformation or damage

according to the data of Passenger Car Association, 50000 pickup trucks were sold in November 2020, with a year-on-year increase. PolyOne is the exclusive licensee of Patel's reflex biological plasticizer in North America and Asia, with a length of 16%. It continues to maintain a strong trend in the month. The total pickup volume increased by 9% this month, which is also a strong growth compared with the monthly Pickup Market in 2019

although Beijing pickup trucks fell significantly year-on-year this year due to epidemic factors and the sharp decline in demand in Beijing. However, in recent years, pickups have become a new consumption hot spot of the commercial hydraulic universal material experimental machine, which is composed of two parts: experimental theme device and experimental force measuring mechanism. The central and western regions continue to perform strongly. Recently, the pickups have been divided, the main vehicle components will suddenly break, and the enterprises will improve strongly. Some traditional pickups are facing huge growth pressure

the sustained recovery of pickup truck market in the future is supported. First, the recent steady economic recovery has laid a solid foundation for the sustained recovery of the market at the end of the year. Secondly, during the epidemic period, many new industries, new formats and new models were born, which will continue to provide strong support for the economic recovery. In addition, the pickup truck market will benefit from the continuous growth of macro policies

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