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Rice flour products must be packaged. Where is Guilin rice flour going?

the quality and safety requirements for rice flour, which will be implemented on September 1, stipulates that "rice flour products must be packaged before they leave the factory for sale", which is a huge challenge for Guilin rice flour that has been packed in wooden cases for a long time. Moreover, counterparts from other places are preparing to take the rice flour packaging as an opportunity to enter the Guilin market

the quality and safety requirements for rice noodles is hanging high

the Bureau of quality and technical supervision of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region recently officially issued the local standard of the quality and safety requirements for rice noodles, which specifies the raw and auxiliary material elements, technical requirements, labels, transportation, storage, necessary production conditions for production enterprises, and food additives used in production. It clearly requires that "rice flour products must be packaged before leaving the factory for sale"

after the introduction of this standard, it immediately caused an uproar among Guilin rice flour manufacturers. Most manufacturers agree with the content specified in the standard, but the "packaging" clause makes the manufacturers uneasy. This standard is a compulsory local standard and will be fully implemented in Guangxi on September 1

Guilin rice flour is a traditional food, and the wooden box packaging used for a long time has certain rationality. The rice flour is wet after pressing, cooking and molding. The wooden box has the functions of filtering water and absorbing water. The rice flour can be stored for a certain time at room temperature and will not turn sour soon. But in reality, there are many health problems after rice noodles leave the factory. Guilin rice noodles are delivered by middlemen. Some middlemen or delivery workers do not cover the rice noodles during transportation, so that the rice noodles "run naked" on the road. More often, when delivering flour in the morning, most rice noodle shops are not open yet, and the rice noodles sent by the delivery workers are usually stacked at the door of the shop, making it difficult to avoid the "patronage" of mosquitoes, flies, insects and rats. At the same time, it is difficult to keep the rice flour box clean after repeated use

for this reason, liangguofei, chief of the standard Huake section of the Municipal Bureau of technical supervision, said, "the packaging is not for good-looking, but for hygiene and prevention of secondary pollution."

in order to realize the packaging of rice flour, the manufacturer must increase the packaging equipment and disinfection equipment, because after the Guilin rice flour with high humidity is sealed, bacteria are easy to multiply rapidly. At the same time, manufacturers may also change their processes and production lines, and even expand their plants. These are undoubtedly difficult for rice flour manufacturers with low profits or even in a state of maintenance, but what makes them more at a loss is that there is no ideal packaging equipment in the market at present! Also named by the inspection team due to golf corruption are China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd., Baosteel Group Co., Ltd., China Ocean Shipping (Group) Corporation, China Unicom, China Southern Airlines Group Co., Ltd., China Shipping (Group) Corporation, and the State Administration of sports

Nanning rice noodles binglinxia

many product standards are derived from enterprise standards, For example, the product standard of Chinese rice flavor Baijiu comes from Guilin Sanhua Co., Ltd. Guangxi "quality and safety requirements for rice noodles" is from Nanning kuaixiao fresh flour Co., Ltd. With large investment and high starting point, the company specializes in the research, development and production of rice flour, has received strong support from the Nanning municipal government, and has been listed as the "demonstration project of grain and oil processing in the deep processing of agricultural and sideline products food industry engineering" by the State Planning Commission. Now, it is a model for Guangxi rice flour manufacturers

as the most famous rice flour production place in China, its rice flour production should implement the standards formulated by other places, which has made Guilin rice flour manufacturers shameless, and the "requirements" is a mandatory standard, which the relevant departments enforce accordingly. If Guilin manufacturers really can't take out the packaged rice flour by September 1, will Guilin rice flour withdraw from the market

according to statistics, the daily sales of rice noodles and cut noodles in Guilin urban area are about 89000 kg. It is difficult for foreign rice noodles to occupy the Guilin market immediately, and Guilin rice noodles cannot disappear overnight. However, Guilin rice flour manufacturers do face pressure from Nanning. A Democrat who pays close attention to Guilin rice noodles said that a friend from Nanning had revealed that he would come to Guilin to promote rice noodles

many situations make Guilin enterprises realize that the huge rice flour market in Guilin has become the target of foreign merchants, and Nanning peers are taking the rice flour packaging as an opportunity to enter the Guilin market

local enterprises rushed to the battle

it is reported that before the introduction of the standard, the relevant departments had solicited the opinions of rice flour manufacturers in the region, including Guilin rice flour manufacturers, in the industry where weight reduction is the "Holy Grail". After discussion, the manufacturers were worried that Guilin was wet and it was difficult to ensure the quality of rice flour after packaging. Some enterprises also asked whether preservatives can be added to keep fresh? At the subsequent review meeting of the quality and safety requirements for rice noodles, Guilin representatives put forward similar opinions, but were criticized as "your Guilin is backward in protection"

now, the time for the implementation of the requirements is getting closer and closer, and Guilin rice flour manufacturers are all anxious. In late July, eight rice flour factories in Guilin, led by the Municipal Bureau of technology and quality supervision, visited Nanning kuaixiao fresh flour Co., Ltd., mainly to investigate the packaging. Some manufacturers tried to buy their rice flour production lines, but the other party hoped to buy shares with equipment, and the products must be marked with "kuaixiao". Moreover, the situation in Nanning is different from that in Guilin. According to reports, Nanning noodles market is dominated by cut flour (Nanning is called flat flour), followed by dry and fresh flour that is different from Guilin rice flour production process. Fresh rice flour that is the same as Guilin rice flour only accounts for 20% of the market. At present, the powder is cut in a large package of 5kg. The dried and fresh rice noodles are still packed in baskets. The fresh rice noodles packaged in 250g are generally sold in supermarkets and vegetable markets. On the contrary, the sales volume of rice noodles in Guilin is 70%, more than 60000 kg per day, ranking in the forefront of Guangxi cities. Moreover, Guilin's rice flour is all fresh flour, which is much more moisture than dry fresh flour. In Guilin, where the humidity is high, it is indeed a big topic that fresh and wet products such as rice flour should continue to maintain their original quality and taste after packaging and meet the fresh-keeping requirements

the packaging line of the model factory disappointed them. Nanning kuaixiao company's packaging line can produce about 1000 bags of 250 grams of fresh rice flour (equivalent to 2 liang of rice flour in the rice flour store) per hour, while the current production line of Guilin rice flour factory produces 500 kilograms of flour per hour. The output of fresh rice flour of most manufacturers in Guilin is much larger than that of kuaixiao company. According to this packaging speed, a production line must be equipped with more than 4 packaging lines

now, with the "deadline" approaching on September 1, Guilin rice flour enterprises began to stay up late to watch, and searched the world for information about packaging machinery and packaging materials. Eight rice flour factories also raised funds to invite experts to jointly develop and solve packaging problems. Guilin rice flour factory, whose products account for about one third of the market sales, has also considered the packaging of rice flour before. Wang Xiaoying, the factory director, said that because he was afraid of the sticky rice flour after extrusion, the factory also planned to use a 250 gram package of packaging line, but this involved technical problems such as storage time, which needed repeated experiments. It was estimated that this work would be completed by the end of December when the machine should be placed on the prefabricated 720mmx600mm cement foundation 300mm above the ground. So she said, "it is impossible to achieve rice flour packaging on September 1". Other enterprises also expressed the same idea, hoping to delay the implementation time of packaging terms

what happened to Guilin rice noodles

why can't a traditional snack producing area that has become famous all over the country and even abroad formulate a product standard? No brand of rice noodles

the quality standard of rice flour not only shocked the rice flour enterprises, but also triggered more thinking of Guilin people. Why can't Guilin even make traditional things? Not strong? Can't even Guilin people defend themselves

some people find reasons from the personality of Guilin people. Guilin people are generally considered to lack the spirit of struggle and be content with a small fortune. Pangtiejian, vice chairman of the Municipal Federation of Social Sciences, also holds this view. He said, "Guilin's traditional products have never thought of becoming stronger and bigger. It was someone else who put a gun on his waist that thought of breaking through. This is related to Guilin people's character of being content with the status quo. Guilin's cultural tradition lacks a sense of crisis and the spirit of adventure."

Liang Guofei from the Bureau of Technical Supervision said: "No matter how traditional things are, they can also make progress, which is the benefit of formulating standards. The dilemma of Guilin rice flour manufacturers today is actually caused by themselves. The production technology and product quality of the enterprises are in the forefront of the whole region, but the enterprises lack the awareness of product standardization and management standardization. Everyone eats by the things handed down by their ancestors, and they only compete in price. The existing rice flour enterprises have no capital and no technical strength Go big. " On the specific issue of rice noodle standards, pangtiejian believes that Guilin enterprises lack the ability to communicate with society and superiors. In the consultation stage before the introduction of rice noodle standards, they cannot effectively persuade the management department to give a buffer time, or fully listen to their opinions in the formulation of standards

in fact, the "besieged on all sides" faced by Guilin rice noodles is also the inevitable impact of traditional culture by modern civilization. Nanning kuaixiao company has taken the lead with quality standards and brands. It is said that the enterprise has visited Guilin to investigate the market and find partners, which does not rule out the possibility of setting up an independent factory

although government departments, including the Municipal Bureau of technical supervision, hope that Guilin's local rice flour industry can become bigger and stronger, as Yang Guanghui, a state-owned investment and management company in Guilin, said, "after China's accession to the WTO, there will be no local protection threshold." Therefore, the government will welcome foreign capital to strengthen traditional products with an open attitude

from the perspective of the industry itself, the introduction of Guangxi rice noodle standards has also played a strong role in promoting local enterprises. If local enterprises want to hold on to traditional industries, rice flour manufacturers and relevant operators should work together, especially manufacturers should seek progress in industry standardization and product standardization

it remains to be seen whether the fate of traditional rice flour production enterprises is to fight a bloody path in the sound of "Chu song" and thus embark on a broad road, or whether the market is divided up. However, local enterprises are still confident. In the interview, Wang Xiaoying said with a sense of mission: "we are lucky to be engaged in this industry, and we have done a good job."

source: China's food industry

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